Finally! New Release: V.4, Ch.79

I am so, so sorry everyone for this absolutely not acceptable delay, but here is Chapter 79: At What Cost? I am truly very sorry, and while I could blame it on first being locked out of my apartment building – for 3h+ 😥 – and then getting wrapped up in life-stuff, fact remains that I promised something that I didn’t deliver…

To make up for this I will do my best to release an extra chapter, outside of the scheduled releases, as soon as possible (within a weeks time at the most). The next scheduled release is the sponsored one that remains in the queue so expect it by midnight (GMT 2+) on the 12th – if it is even one minute late I’ll count it as a regular one!

3 thoughts on “Finally! New Release: V.4, Ch.79

  1. Nakaki

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay 😀 It was worth it checking every hour today just to wait for this comment about the update~ Thank you so much, Snowy!!! \(^o^)/


  2. Charlie

    Don’t get wrapped up with being late mate. I would even say don’t feel you need to apologise. If you do, eventually you will see it as a chore, and then you will stop producing work. Just do it at your own pace.

    Don’t even feel the need to give us a reason if it is late! It isn’t something anyone decent will blame you over..


    1. Charlie

      After reading chapter 79 and its cliff hanger, I would like to suspend my comments for 1 more chapter before they come in to effect! hah! Great chapter, good cliffhanger.


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