Epic Cash Flow!

Hello everyone!

Over at Patreon, the first sponsor-goal has been reached – hurray! This means that, come October, I will start having one extra chapter available for those who sponsor chapters. A password will arrive by email to those affected once the first extra page is released (this password won’t work forever though – I’ll change it after a while and figure out a way to make it fair for the contributors)

These pre-released chapters will be available as long as there is a steady flow of sponsored chapters ^.^



6 thoughts on “Epic Cash Flow!

  1. Thisn'tme

    So said sponsored chapters will be one release ahead of us poor (potentially heartless- I don’t judge) viewers?
    I love that you are taking steps to get returns on something you enjoy doing: know that you have and will always be on my adblock whitelist :D!

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