Volume 4: The Nightingale Returns

Many years have passed since Raven met the bloody end of her assassin life with the Union. Gaining a loving family, Raven had hoped to leave all the ruthless killings behind her, but fate had other plans.

It is time for Raven to embrace her bloody past once more and bring retribution to those who made her lose everything.

But stepping back into the darkness is not as easy as it seems and Raven risks losing the little light she has found in the progress.

Chapter List
  1. The Passage of Time
  2. Jealous, Are We?
  3. Determination to Catch Up
  4. Hunted Hunter
  5. Fighting Nocebo
  6. Interrogation
  7. Winds of War
  8. Dealing With . . . Stuff
  9. Impatience
  10. A Tricky Situation
  11. The Jig is Up!
  12. The Importance of Finding Fenris
  13. Acting Without Thinking
  14. Falling
  15. Being Found
  16. At What Cost?
  17. Death’s Door
  18. Lone Executioner
  19. Sending a Gift
  20. A Pleasant Surprise
  21. Heads Start Rolling
  22. The Beginning of the End
  23. Haunted
  24. Intrigues
  25. Fatal Decisions
  26. A Losing Battle
  27. Leave!