“Weekly” release: WN V.6, Ch. 141

Well, its “a bit” late, but here is the last weeks release WN Chapter 141: After Joy Comes Despair – enjoy!

. . . I spent some time looking for a fitting gif for this one but got a bit, well, side tracked by these two. . . . Their not entirely unfitting but . . .



. . . seriously, what anime is this!?


4 thoughts on ““Weekly” release: WN V.6, Ch. 141

  1. CrystalsBreeze

    Hey Snowy! I just wanted to say that honestly, I don’t mind that much if the chapter is released late, and I don’t thing I am the only one that thinks that way. We understand that you don’t have a lot of time to write because of the things happening in your life and I understand that we may have to wait. So long as you don’t do one thing; abandon this story. I know a lot of authors who, instead of posting the chapters late, because they’re lacking time, just plain drop the story, or leave it without a word. So it’s okay if you post the chapters late, just keep posting! And thanks for writing this!

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