Dimension’s Door

Adan is an elite soldier in a world were humanity has long since broken the confinements of both earth and their own genetics. Bio-engineered into the universe’s most advanced military fighter, Adan serves in the 1st Squad of the Amazon Platoon, performing the hardest and deadliest missions available to, not only man, but every other race as well.

During one of these missions, a surprise ambush causes the fragile cargo that the 1st Squad was charged with escorting to become unstable. Knowing what is to come, Adan puts her sister and fellow squad members first and throws herself on the container, hoping to contain the blast. She knows this will kill her, or at least she thought it would. When Adan comes to, she finds herself not on the wasteland planet she had first been on but instead surrounded by lush green forests she’s never seen before.

Being lost is a foreign concept to a girl whose implanted A.I. system usually always knows where she is, but what is even more confusing is the young man she ends up saving from ruffians. Why is he so mad because she saved him, and what is this ‘fire controller’ he keeps talking about?

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