Possible Future Stories

I have for a long while had a couple of stories swirling around in my head. The first one I decided to put on virtual paper was The Whisper of the Nightingale which is undoubtedly not only my first work but is likely to be my longest (once finished it will be well over 100 chapters long). But I also have a few other novels I’ve been considering to write down but I’m not sure which to start with…

So, I figured I’d write some sort of synopses here and you guys can vote or something on which one you would want me to start on first (not promising that they are going to come out any time soon – I want to focus on WotN but sometimes a change of pace might be nice).

P.S. I added a fourth one after people’s feedback – it’s not in the poll though….

Hell Bound

Former supreme archangel Nox has been sent to the Hell he himself created, to become its Lord and King. For millennia, he successfully rules Hell, forcing order on an otherwise chaotic realm. Under his rule, Hell is what it should be, a place where the wicked are punished for their sins. But Nox has also gained many enemies and 666 years ago, they managed to seal Nox and his powers in the ninth ring of Hell.

Now the seal has weakened and Nox takes the opportunity to escape, but only his physical body manages to break free. With no powers or superhuman strength, and only being able to rely on his practically immortal body, Nox sets out on a journey through Hell, searching for the Key that can fully break the seal and let him return to his former self.

But the Hell Nox built up, and the Hell he returns to, are not the same and if he is to succeed, he will need to find allies.

The Eternal Life of the Bag of Infinite Holdings

Heroes come, and heroes go.

Over the ages, and spread over countless dimensions, millions of beings have pushed their bodies beyond their mortal bonds and have become existences bordering on immortal gods. Some of these beings rule their worlds with the immense power they posses, others spend millennia exploring the universe for rare treasures and insights.

There are millions of them, but there is only one Bag of Infinite Holdings. Created by a mysterious mishap so long ago that barely the universe itself remembers it, this bag has seen it all. It has been on battlefields spanning galaxies, it has spent centuries forgotten at the bottom of a well, it has been worshiped like a god.

Heroes come, and heroes go, but the Bag remains and this is its story.

The Prince and his Champion

The King is dying. According to law, his heir has to turn 18 before the crown, and the kingdom, can be passed on, but Prince William is only 17. To ensure that no harm comes to him before his eighteenth birthday, his father sends him away to live with one of his most trusted friends, Owen, who lives far from most civilization. Owen was once the King’s right hand man, and few know more about the kingdom than he does.

But William is not the only charge in Owen’s care; a young woman by the name of Jaqueline – or Jaque – also lives with Owen. She is a very mysterious woman who speaks little and laughs even less, but something about her draws William’s attention more than he can understand.

William soon realizes that there is more to both his kingdom and Jaque than he had ever imagined.

12 thoughts on “Possible Future Stories

  1. chapiadhis

    After voting, I was suprised how many people also support my choice of The Prince and his Champion. Whisper of the Nightingale is such a great novel in itself. Toi toi toi! And thanks for shairing your creation with us.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well I think that in both Hell Bound and The Prince and His Champion the female character will have a very central role and much like with Raven and Javelin the p.o.v. might shift throughout the stories (but with a with a higher focus on the male p.o.v.). Actually, Hell Bound I originally thought I’d do from the female’s p.o.v. (she’s not mentioned in the synopsis) but there were too many secrets I wanted her to have… I enjoy the strong and slightly mysterious female leads and I fear that feeling is perhaps easier to build if it’s not the girl we have the most insights to :/

      I will however see what I can do 😉


      1. noah

        I think that making good female characters is a very strong point of your writing and you should try to embrace that and have at least one believable female character in each story you write.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Thisn'tme

    Just now noticed this page’s existence.
    Two of the three seem like they’ll be great projects to sideline with Dimensions Door as a main focus after WotN is finished. The story about the eternal bag of holding just absolutely screams “episodic” to me, and could be potential chapters available to Patreons, with a few free access chapters to get readers hooked? Just a thought. I would love to know what general direction you had in mind for each story, especially the bag of holding since there are many ways to spin the “eternal” aspect of him.


  3. Ivy C.

    The bag seems interesting. I’m certain with your skills you could spin an amazing tale, will you eventually write all of the options? I can hardly wait for any of them~


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