I had intended to do some scanlations as well, but at the moment all my extra time is put on writing so it’s not likely to happen anytime soon…

My first project would be to update the fist volumes of Saver – it’s one of my absolute favorites and the first couple of volumes available online are in horrible condition… HOWEVER! Saver has been licensed in English so support the author and buy a copy if you like it!

Another story is like to complete is Musashi #9 – the first 17 volumes are licenced in English but are almost all available online. The last couple of volumes need to be translated, and I know that Deenaswann is looking for someone to help with the translation. If you speak Japanese and have some free time for translating, please let me know!

One thought on “Scanlations

  1. Hey Snowfee
    Im a new reader of The whisper of the nightingale and i was just wondering if your have dropped the series?
    I hope you haven’t cause i rather enjoy it and would support you with donations


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