Times are changing

Hello everyone!

I have an announcement to make that brings both good and bad news. . . .

The thing is this, I have almost finished my studies to become an engineer (can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end!) and have been hired by a really interesting company, starting a few weeks from now. Amazingly enough, they have a possible project for me in Japan (*excited squeal!!!*) and I will be leaving for a trial period in a few weeks.

Now don’t get too alarmed, it most definitely is my intention to keep writing even when I start working! However, I have no delusions about how much free time I will have at my new job – I’ve already become swamped with  things I need to do and I haven’t even started yet. . . .

Consequently, I will – temporarily – have to stop with the sponsored chapters. I will make sure to keep releasing one WN chapter per week and one DD chapter every second week, but I make no promises that more than that will be arriving while I’m in Japan.

My current Patreons will receive e-mails with more information in the next few days ^.^

As for today’s release, it has to be pushed to tomorrow (sorry yet again to my sponsors for not having the hidden chapter up ahead of schedule) but I will try to release as many chapters between now and the 20th of February (when work starts) as possible to compensate.

All of this is a bit bittersweet, but it is a really exciting opportunity for me that I don’t want to miss out on – I hope you understand ^.^

Until tomorrow!

19 thoughts on “Times are changing

  1. mjkj

    Wow, great to hear, Snowy… *hugs*
    (the job news that is…)   😉

    Well, I hope you will find time to do the things you enjoy (besides job and writing)…

    I wish you a great time, and hope the best for you and the job.

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  2. Maniac3020

    oooh, engineering. I like engineering stuff. I approve of your carer choice.

    While the news less frequent chapters is disappointing, It leaves hope. Far too often have authors and translators simply disappeared off the face of the earth, from series I was really into.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. forrean

    Honestly, I wasn’t very disappointed by either news. On the contrary I’m happy for you! Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that you’ve written on this journey, and I’m happy that it’s not ending anytime soon. You, however, are going to be very busy it sounds like. This seems like a great opportunity, and one that you yourself are excited about. You obviously enjoy writing otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this, and for that reason don’t push yourself to write for us. Please focus on what you think you need to get done, and maybe write a little every once in awhile to relax, but for yourself. Good luck!!!

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  4. WinterRED

    Congrats! My respect for you and your writing just went up a notch! I’m in my final year of engineering as well, and I can’t imagine where you get the time to write great chapters while keeping up with all the stuff that goes on.

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  5. Nakaki

    -sighs- I guess all good things must eventually end. But that’s ok, because there’s something even better at the end of the road ^.^ Good luck with your studies, Snowy! Whether you decide to continue writing or stop in the future, I will respect your decision~

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  6. 🌺Lazy Cat 🐱🌺

    Wow congrats!!! This is a good thing! I’m happy that you will continue to post chapters despite starting a new exciting chapter in your life. But I’m happier that you got your diploma and got the opportunity to go to Japan for work sounds amazing! 👍🏻👍🏻😊

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