Saver is a wonderful korean manhwa written by Lee Eun Young.

It’s about this amazingly skilled swordswoman, Lena, who gets sucked into an alternate universe after being badly injured by a bunch of hooligans. In this other world Lena learns that people are out to kill women matching her description so she takes on the persona of the male Ley, and becomes a wandering mercenary searching for a way to get back home. It’s a wonderful story of love, betrayal, epic battles and much mysteries.

You can find all of it on mangafox in fairly good quality (apart from chapter v1.ch2 & v1.ch3) but it is licensed in English so, if you like it, make sure to buy a copy!

2 thoughts on “Saver

  1. Well, my intention to fix the poor quality of the fist to volumes on MangaFox has been thwarted by the odd fact that I can’t add chapters to a series starting with the letters Q-Z …

    Since the pages take up quite a lot of space I wont be adding them here either but if you’re really desperate for the higher quality volume 1, chapter 1 let me know and I can send it to you or something…


  2. Wisp

    I think mangafox has a virus or at least the ads do. So if you don’t have ad block, highly unlikely as it is don’t use the website.


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