Volume 2: Perilous Journey

Burning with a bloodthirsty lust for revenge, Raven has set out on a journey towards Sky City were she hopes she will be able to gain strength and find answers – not only about the unknown elder whom is backing the Talons but also if there is any way to restore her brother to physical form. Forced to make the trip by foot the journey will, at best, take her two years. But the dense forests and high mountain passes she must navigate through conceal many hidden dangers – from humans to Magical Beasts alike.

How will four-year-old Raven, who’s still hampered by effects the Phoenix Death Lotus, survive on her own?

Chapter List

  1. Hungry Pursuit front2
  2. Faked Bravado
  3. Masquerade
  4. The Thrall of Her Voice
  5. The Prefecture Border
  6. Finding “Cover”
  7. Rumors and Consequences
  8. Entering the Passage
  9. Ambushed
  10. To Help…
  11. …Or Not to Help?
  12. Sending of the Dead
  13. Answers
  14. The Debt
  15. Development
  16. News from the Capital

I played around a bit in Photoshop and made a book cover and want to extend my thanks to whomever made the beautiful background I snatched from the internet – I think it’s really pretty!

Also, on another note: yes, the text is in Japanese rather than Chinese, but I don’t know any Chinese whatsoever so it felt more natural to do it like this…

4 thoughts on “Volume 2: Perilous Journey

  1. pkhyber

    TOC links of BOOK 2 are redirected to volume 1 chapters.Please fix them.
    I have recently discover your novel and enjoying it.Thanks for your hard work.


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