Sponsored Release: WN, V.6, Ch.142

First of, thank you for all the shout outs and well wishes people have sent since yesterday – it’s nice to know that people care. For those of you who didn’t read yesterday’s announcement and have been staying away from the news, there was a terror attack in central Stockholm, killing at least four people and seriously injuring several more when a truck was driven down one of our busiest shopping streets. I’m back in Sweden for a brief period so I had actually been at the exact place in question almost exactly 24h earlier. . . . What an odd feeling. . . .

But, today is a new day and I will go shopping in central Stockholm after lunch. It might seem like a silly thing to do and a bit of a shallow statement when people have lost their lives and all, but I refuse to let fear rule me – I refuse to let terror win. I will go to town, I will spend money in the stores that are otherwise likely to loose customers because of all this, and I will stop and pay my respects to those no longer among us.


Right, on a brighter note!

I managed to get a chapter done early (like, 33 hours ahead of schedule!) so, sponsored by an anonymous donor well over a month ago, here is Chapter 142: Heart Strings – Enjoy!

Also, although I’m not permanently back in Sweden things have started to settle down a bit more. Thus, I will attempt to go back to the 1-sponsored-chapter/4-days schedule but I make no promises that it will succeed. As such, I will keep marking the next scheduled release 7 days from the present release for now, so as to not get anyone’s hopes up too high ^.^

3 thoughts on “Sponsored Release: WN, V.6, Ch.142

  1. Maniac3020

    I can only look at those kinds of people who senselessly kill others with pity, such foolish behavior.

    I am glad at the prospect of more frequent chapters.


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