I’m okay…

But the terror has reached Sweden… 

Today, just before 3 p.m. Swedish time, a madman (or woman) in a stolen beer truck drove down one of the most populated shopping streets in Stockholm, finally crashing into into the large shopping mall I visited less than 24h earlier. It is still unclear how many have been hurt or even killed by this, but the city is paralysed as trains and buses have stopped moving and people are asked to remain inside.

It’s a horrible thing. To think that there are people who wish to harm others, out of simple ignorance and hate. I cannot even begin to imagine the rage that is required for someone to think that the best way to for them to get their opinion across is to kill their fellow man! 

I would like to say that I’m angry, that I have nothing but hate for whoever did this awful thing – and the others who have done similar things before – but, as I write this, I only feel sad…

Sad for those who have lost their family members today. Sad for those who will feel unsafe when they leave their homes tomorrow. Sad for those innocent children who, years ago, came to this world as pure as anyone else, but somehow ended up in a truck, mowing down a steet with an intent to kill.

Tomorrow will be a hard day in Stockholm. Many will perhaps choose to stay home, shying away from the world and the dangers there. Others will be overwhelmed by anger and grief, desperate for someone to blame for what has happened. I can understand both reactions, but I hope that most will take the opportunity to turn to their fellow man and talk to them. The terror touches us all, one way or another, and when some choose violence to force our silence and “obedience”, only our solidarity and openness can guarenty their failure. 

Take care, and don’t let fear rule you. 

4 thoughts on “I’m okay…

  1. VixTron

    Wow, I just heard about this recently, never thought you were that close to being in that situation yourself. I’m so glad your ok and my sympathies to those that lost their loved ones. This is so sad.


  2. It’s sad that he/she ended up like that. The dog bites when cornered, I wonder what makes him/her do that sort of thing. He/She resulted in using violence to face his/her struggles. He/she choses a wrong choice, ending the lives and injuring others.
    Always stay safe, and yeah I agree with you never let fear control you.


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