At last: new release! WN, V.6. Ch.152

It’s been two months since the last WN chapter (so so sorry!) but I finally found enough time to get another chapter out! I would like to say that things are calming down so the chapters will start coming as normal again but I’ve learned enough to know that I can make no such guaranties…

Hopefully you will at least enjoy chapter 152: On The Brink!


37 thoughts on “At last: new release! WN, V.6. Ch.152

  1. SoLaMi

    Plz update!!!! I hope you update soon…..
    I love this series and having it on hold like this killing me!!!!!
    I hope you update soon…..
    Thanks for the hard work!!!!!


      1. Ull

        Hurrah you live!
        As long as you hold the determination to continue I will hold faith and will not surrender.
        I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits regardless.


    1. Rocaa

      I keep checking every now and again soon I’ll gain the mental illusion of ‘it’s been two years’ where once it was months I hope you’re doing ok out there


  2. Ashnir

    Still checking regularly so I’ll be there when life allows you to write again. My faith will probably last years yet as long as you show signs of life once in a while =)


  3. epsilon

    I just recently read through your entire novel in one sitting and I can truly say that I’ve loved every chapter of it! I’m sad that you haven’t posted a chapter in a while but I really hope that you can find the time to do so! Much love!

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  4. Dear author,
    I hope for your return soon. I’m not trying to rush you (cause we all have something in our daily lives) or anything but i just wanted you to know that I’m patiently waiting and anticipating your next chapter release. My only wish is that this novel won’t be on hiatus, no matter how long it takes for a chapter I’ll patiently wait. Please don’t leave this novel hanging.
    -a reader who camps in your website


  5. David Lawson

    Hey, read through this in one sitting. Great so far, found the link to here from the Worlds of Fel series while waiting for his next Subjugation series chapter.

    Looks like it’s been almost a year since the last chapter, REALLY hope it doesn’t turn out like some other stories I’ve loved that never finished (like Patrick Rothfuss Kingkiller chronicles, almost ALL of John Ringo’s stuff, the Dresden files stuff, etc…).

    Is it a matter of money? I know how our hobbies and pursuits can get put on the back burner due to the need to pay bills in this day and age. I’m MORE than happy to help sponsor, and it sounds like several others on here agree with me on that point.

    How much would you need to help out so you would be able to continue your work on this story? I do quite well financially, and I like to support growing talent as one of my hobbies. I’m willing to do either a larger one time donation, or I am willing to sponsor per chapter (which would probably end up being more long term if you continue to write.) Please let me know, and we can go from there.

    I really enjoyed reading your story during my layover in the airport, and I look forward to reading more of your work going forward!



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  6. Bluerex0521

    Been a year, but for the talent and imagination shown in this novel has made it still one of the standouts from the crowd. Best wishes to you Mr.Snowy and hope you once again find inspiration in your sails. May tomorrow be a better day than today for you and yours. Also, happy early Thanksgiving and Christmas if you practice it.


  7. ACrazyRandomHappenstance

    Alas, still no news on a new chapter… I hope this is really just a lull and not a permanent abandonment of this wonderful world…


      1. Yan_Yan

        Hi! I’m new here. Just wanna ask if WN chapters really ends at 152? Or I am the only one who can’t access to the next chapters? 😊 (please don’t keep me on the dark side of the world! 😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏)


  8. Draconic

    Hi, any information on when you will continue these novels?
    I’m actually more interested in Dimension’s Door, but both would be best.


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