Chapter 130: Tying Up Loose Ends

The two guards placed their left hands on the metal door, infusing them with their spirit essence. On their thumbs, two rings started to glow in different hues of orange before a heavy thunk indicated that the large lock on the door had become undone. Quickly, the two guards then excused themselves, leaving Limpkin seemingly alone outside the metal door.

As soon as they were gone, a dark-robed figure dropped down from the ceiling.

“Well done.” Raven’s voice was as cold as usual. “It would have been tricky to get in on my own.”

“Especially since you insisted on bringing this one along,” Limpkin flicked a thumb towards a seemingly empty corner and no reply came, but Raven knew he was referring to Javelin. He was standing in said corner, invisible to the naked eye – all thanks to a pendant Limpkin had lent him.

Raven had needed to reach Councillor Tanuki as soon as possible, but the prison for spiritualists wasn’t exactly an easy place to break into. She didn’t doubt that she would be able to do so on her own, but the current distance restriction between her and Javelin made it many times more difficult.

Fortunately, Limpkin had offered to help. It turned out that the Divine Skill of invisibility, which Raven thought Limpkin had been refusing to teach her all these years, was actually not a Divine Skill at all. It was all thanks to a priceless family artifact that only those of the Sea Empire’s Imperial bloodline could use. The only reason Javelin was currently invisible was because Limpkin was close enough and could help activate the spirit artifact for him.

“So, the prison cell is open; what’s your plan?” Limpkin asked. “I would prefer it if you didn’t kill him though – it would be a bit tricky to explain to my brother. . . .”

A flash of red traveled across Raven’s eyes.

“I make no promises. . . . Wait here,” she said, but glanced towards Javelin and privately added, “if you want.”

Not waiting for a reply, Raven pushed up the door and walked into the prison cell. Once inside, she immediately saw the bloody mess lying on a meager bed in the corner: Councillor Tanuki. To be honest, Raven was a bit impressed that the man was still alive.

The rebound from one Queen Ghost Pill was hardly noticeable, but after taking eleven of them in quick succession, old man Tanuki had definitely bitten off more than he could chew. Add to that the damage Raven and the Dragon Sea Guards had done to him and the fact that he had been denied any form of healing and one had to wonder if not Death had taken the day off. . . .

Raven walked over to the bed and crouched down next to the Councillor. Sealing up the killing intent in her own spirit essence as much as possible and relying on the purer spirit essence she gained from Javelin’s soul prism, Raven used her mercenary Uncle’s Blessed Hand on the unconscious man in front of her. She was no healer, but the small flow of nurturing spirit essence was enough to stir Councillor Tanuki back into consciousness.

Struggling to open his eyes, the man groaned in pain. When he saw Raven, the Councillor’s body stiffened slightly, surprise joining the pain in his eyes.

“Y-you . . .”

“Shh, don’t speak,” Raven cooed, sounding unusually kind. She even used a gentle hand to wipe away the sweat that was forming on Councillor Tanuki’s forehead. “Poor man, losing both his children and his cultivation to the same man. . . .”

The Councillor’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared questioningly at Raven; with all the damage that had been done to him, the man was having a hard time piecing together what had happened. He could vaguely remember charging at the Sea Emperor with intent to kill him, but, thinking about it now, he couldn’t understand why he had done something so foolish.

“Feeling confused?” Raven asked, still doing her best to tend to Councillor Tanuki’s wounds. “I can tell you what actually happened to your son and daughter and why – if you want. I can even help you regain some of your strength. Perhaps, a chance at retribution. . . .”

A glimmer of recollection surfaced in old man Tanuki’s eyes, quickly followed by new anger. Slowly, he managed a nod; he needed to know what had happened!

Raven’s lip curled into a slight smile. “I will tell you, but you must swear a soul oath to help me with a minor request first.” Raven could see the Councillor’s eyes narrowing in suspicion but she just laughed sweetly.

“The Sea Emperor and the Sky Prince want me to marry the Hake boy – to form an alliance they say. I have no interest in doing so and intend to leave; having an extra card up my sleeve might come in handy. Besides, I would be helping a traitor to the nation, so it’s the least you could do. Don’t worry, I can swear that I won’t ask you to do anything too hard or risky like start a war or something.”

The suspicion in Councillor Tanuki’s eyes faded somewhat and Raven smiled softly at him. “Since you can’t speak, just nod in agreement. As long as I explain what happened to your children and help you heal, do you, Councillor Tanuki, swear on your soul and life to fulfill a request of my choosing, promising to carry out my wish to the letter?”

For a moment, the wounded Councillor hesitated – Raven had formulated the oath too harshly, even binding his life to it – but in the end, he still chose to nod his agreement. The moment he did so, a glowing nine-pointed star appeared above his forehead, symbolizing the oath being final.

The soft smile on Raven’s face twisted into a sneer. She instantly pulled away her hand from the bedridden man.

“Since you’re here, why not help me keep my promise?” Raven asked into the empty room. Her action caused the Councillor to frown, but his expression quickly changed as he saw the slight shimmer at the foot of his bed; Javelin had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

“As you wish,” the boy said with disinterest and stretched out his hand to start healing the Councillor. The Councillor himself tried to move away, but Raven clamped down on his shoulder. His cultivation was gone and he was way too wounded to push her away.

“Why the rush?” Raven asked, her voice cold as ice. “Didn’t you want to hear what happened to your family?”

From the look on his mangled face, it was clear that old man Tanuki had realized the trouble he was in, but what could he do?

“You see,” continued Raven, ignoring the looks she was getting. “Your initial hunch was correct: I destroyed the mind of your son, I drove your daughter mad, and I even tricked you into attacking the Sea Empire’s Emperor.”

Intense killing intent gushed out of Raven, merging with the already heavy scent of blood in the little prison cellar.

“Why, you wonder? Well both of your children had an impressive knack for aiming to dispose of my brother – a truly unforgivable sin. As for you, daddy Tanuki, I was not intending to let the father bear the crimes of the children, but you just had to come storming in here and attack a man who can be considered my lifeline. . . .”

As she spoke, Javelin kept healing the superficial wounds of the Councillor, but even though he was regaining more and more of his vigor, the man’s face was paling quickly. The raw killing intent Raven was exuding in front of him was almost more than he could handle in his state, which worsened with every word she spoke.

“We don’t have a lot of time, so I won’t go into details, but I can promise you that neither of your children will ever be sane again and you . . .” Raven paused and looked at Javelin. Almost all superficial wounds on the Councillor were gone by now, but in the great gist of things, it did the man little good.

“I think that is enough healing to fulfill the oath, Javelin,” Raven said to him before turning her attention back to the Councillor. “Now, about the favor. . . . I had considered making you just as raving mad as your children, but I think ignorance would be bliss in your case, so I’d rather see you alive – sane and very much aware of what your children brought upon themselves.”

Raven paused slightly.

“Then again, letting a rabid dog lose will only come back to bite me in the end. Therefore, Councillor Tanuki, my request of you is that you, henceforth, cease all forms of communication with all things – living or dead.”

Shock flashed by in the Councillor’s eyes, but before he could say anything, a faint glow appeared on his forehead. Suddenly he grabbed his own throat, groaning in pain.

Ignoring his plight, Raven continued to specify her request: “If you wish to speak, no sound may come; if you wish to write, no words may form. If someone speaks to you, you may not hear it; if someone writes to you, you may not see it; if someone touches you, you may not feel it.”

What had first only been a look of shock quickly turned into horror, but the Councillor was helpless to act. The glow on his forehead intensified and old man Tanuki screamed a soundless scream as the oath he had accepted burned away the senses within him that would threaten its sanctity. Within seconds, the man’s face had contorted into one of utter despair. His body was rocking back and forth on the bed, seemingly oblivious to the world around him.

Javelin watched silently from the foot of the bed for a long while before giving Raven an equally long stare. She met his gaze, and for a moment Raven froze; his eyes were so cold. The light that had once shined in them – seemingly only for her – was long gone.

“I’m glad I don’t owe you any favors,” he said coldly before he turned and left.

Raven watched his departing back, a steely look in her eyes. She refused to think of the disheveled young scientist who had promised to stand by her no matter her past. She hadn’t believed him then, and she felt foolish for thinking that she could believe him now.

Three days passed fairly uneventfully. News of the fact that Councillor Tanuki had turned catatonic spread almost as fast as the tales of Raven’s monstrous fighting ability. While the first piece of information caused people to sigh at the unfortunate fate of a mentally challenged family, the latter left people both excited and afraid. A nine-year-old mid Champion that could fight with a low Spirit Master? What kind of existence was that?

Several people, including the Sea Academy’s own Headmaster, had come to visit Raven in the small courtyard house she and Javelin shared, but Aves stood guard at the door and would let no one in. Had he been guarding anyone else, such a behavior would have caused a minor uproar, but no one wanted to offend the mistress of the house, so to speak, so they left quietly.

Inside, the mood had been . . . stiff.

Javelin had kept to his room, mostly cultivating through meditation, and while Raven moved around in the house like normal, Hoatzin could tell that Javelin’s distant attitude was hard on her.

In the beginning, Hoatzin had sympathized with Javelin’s anger – who wouldn’t be upset if they learned that the woman they loved had actually tried to kill you? – but as the days went on, Hoatzin was growing increasingly annoyed.

No matter what his sister had done before and what she was capable of, the fact remained that she had risked her life to save Javelin on several occasions. Surely that should count for something! Besides, the more Hoatzin thought about it, the more convinced he grew that whatever Javelin had remembered couldn’t be the entire story.

“Hey, Hake!”

Hoatzin couldn’t take it anymore and called out to Javelin. He had done so before, but this time he wouldn’t be ignored. Circulating his peak-Adept-equivalent spirit essence to the max, Hoatzin’s feathers exploded in flames and he dove towards the only window leading to Javelin’s room.

He was prepared to use force if he had to, but, to his surprise, Javelin’s window swung inwards just as Hoatzin was about to crash through it.

“No need to go destroying property,” Javelin reprimanded as Hoatzin’s flaming body soared past him.

Hoatzin struggled to halt his advance before slamming into the opposite wall, his rapid wing movements causing some stray flames to char the otherwise white stone. “No need, my ass! You’ve been ignoring me – and the rest of the world – for three days!”

Javelin blinked, clearly not expecting to be shouted at, but his face quickly darkened.


What do you mean ‘so’!?” Hoatzin was growing increasingly frustrated. “I’m not entirely clear on what happened in your past lives, but isn’t it time to put that behind you and move forward? Or do you intend to sit in here the rest of your life?”

It’s my life!” Javelin retorted. “At least this time, I will determine how I live it!”

Hoatzin’s beak popped open. “How can you be so selfish!? Raven risked her life to give you a new chance at life, and has saved you from everything, ranging from bloodthirsty Blood Shadow Raptors to raging Spirit Masters. I know you are mad at her but acting like this will only make things worse!

“Mad?” Javelin snorted. “Now that is the understatement of the century! You know what your dear sister did to me, don’t you? She killed me, Hoatzin! I loved her and she killed me! All for some pesky research materials that I would have given her freely, if she’d just asked!”

Hoatzin faltered. Even Raven had admitted that she had killed Eric.

I don’t think. . .”

Exactly,” Javelin cut him off, “you don’t; you leave that to Raven and just follow blindly. Don’t bother starting now.”

For a moment, Hoatzin was so shocked that he forgot to flap his wings. He had almost hit the floor by the time he recovered, but he still managed to land softly in the end. Hoatzin looked up at Javelin, his heart stinging with disappointment.

For a long while, the two of them said nothing, silently staring at each other. Hoatzin could see regret in Javelin’s eyes, but at this point he no longer cared.

“Hoatzin, I’m so-. . .”

“I am not. I thought I knew you better than this, Javelin. Apparently not.” Hoatzin sighed and took to the air. “Perhaps staying in this room is for the best after all.”

He gave Javelin a last glance and was just about to fly out of the same window he had entered through when his head slammed into something cold and hard.

Shocked, Hoatzin tumbled backwards in the air, only to be caught by two soft hands.

“What are you doing here!?” Raven demanded, holding Hoatzin carefully in her embrace.

As she spoke, immense killing intent flooded the room, forming visible whisks of red and black smoke that swirled around Raven. Outside, the light that trickled down through the Water Dome dimmed noticeably. Hoatzin glanced up at his sister and was shocked to see that the whites of her eyes had turned pitch black and her irises blood-red. He hadn’t seen her this worked up since she decided to flay Dunlin alive.

Only now did Hoatzin look over at man who had blocked his path. It was a sturdy looking fellow, clad in brass-colored armor and with two mighty spears hung on his back. Even though he wasn’t using any spirit essence that Hoatzin could sense, the air around the newcomer exuded strength.

Hoatzin had never seen the man before, so he doubted that the latter had managed to wrong Raven in the way Dunlin had. The only other explanation for her reaction was that this man was strong – dangerously strong.

“Brother,” Raven’s voice spoke directly in Hoatzin’s head, but even there he could feel her thick killing intent. “When I tell you to run – run, and don’t look back.”

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 130: Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. etzlo

    man, I just hope there’s a way for raven to either severe the bond safely or remove the distance limit, even if javelin calms back down he’s way too much of a bitch(and temperemental) to be safe otherwise

    Liked by 3 people

    1. TheNewReader

      It was said back when she woke up that the distance limit would disappear once the bond was completely visible to them. (Can’t remember the actual name of it, so just calling it bond.l

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    2. Javelin’s the bitch? Raven just drove two people irrevocably insane for the grand crime of wanting vengeance for a family member. Sure, they were probably responsible for plenty of nasty things in their own right, but that never plays into Raven’s decision making process. Raven is at absolute best a pitiable madwoman desperately in need of someone powerful enough to set her straight, at worst a psychopath who needs to be put down before she becomes too powerful to stop.


  2. mjkj

    Thank you for the chapter   🙂

    Wow who is that (seems one with an invisibility charm – so, of the royal sea emperor’s family)? and how did Raven come into jav’s room so quickly?

    Gah, I hate cliffhangers…) 😦


    1. SineNomine

      It should be Azmer, as he has the brass armor, two spears, and asked to file the exeption (Cozimo is unlikely because he looks down on her – though he has the same gear). Well or just some other outer realmer in the same outfit (I guess it’s either a clan thing or symbolizes their position as observers)

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  3. SineNomine

    It’s starting! Thank you, Snowy.

    I didn’t find much today:
    back into consciousness, → back into consciousness.
    daughter and why, if you want → daughter and why if you want (I know you put the comma there because of pronunciation, but “…” or “-”would have been better if at all)
    Slowly he managed → Slowly, he managed
    met his gaze and for a moment → met his gaze, and for a moment
    that had shined in them → that had shone in them (shone instead of shined because it describes a light)
    kill you? – but as → I don’t know what might be correct but the “?” feels wrong
    stray flames to cinder the otherwise → stray flames to char the otherwise (I couldn’t find this use of “cinder”)
    At least this time I will determine → At least this time, I will determine
    from everything from bloodthirsty → from everything, from bloodthirsty (there seems to be a weird format as well)

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    1. Well, it was a past life for a reason and usually there are no memories left over from those
      She had a right to start over, so I can understand her being reluctant to open a can of worms when she’s grown and changed already from past experience.

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    2. Zhalfirin

      Javelin’s inner mind also tried to keep it from him and warned him against viewing them when it was found out. If there’s blame for hiding certain aspects of their past life he is equally culpable.

      But in the end what I dislike about Javelin is he shows a selfishness in putting his own feelings and considerations above the one he professed his love for. In the past he was throwing himself into danger trying to “help” Raven, even though he knew that he would be of no use and could very well get in the way, biggest example being the Blood Raptor thing. Now he is pouting and lashing out with little regard or care. He said that he loved her, but the moment that he glimpsed something that cast some doubt he never tried to pry deeper into the matter, find out if her motives were as he assumed, why she might have done what she did, or balance out what he saw in that memory against what he’s seen in this life. Instead he just jumped to viewing her as evil and vile, and that all the actions she has taken in this life for him are similarly motivated.


  4. Thisn'tme

    The silent observer expresses his understanding of Hoatzin’s plight.
    The silent observer is excited for the upcoming bash, but understands that vacation is still important.


  5. I was never a fan of the entire Javeline plot point. But at the start was interesting, but aster the soul bonding he just become an annoying handicap, that just keeps the story from progressing. He is not interesting enough for him to always be with Raven.


    1. lazrix

      I couldn’t agree more, the story would be infinitely better without Jav in the story both because he’s a crappy match for Raven and now he’s just a handicap as you said. I was never a fan of the soul bond in the story, let alone a fan of Jav, but both together is abysmal… I would’ve preferred the story with just her being a reincarnated soul, Jav/Eric simply was never needed. Not much we can do about it though I suppose lol, it’s apparent he’s supposed to be the love interest (sigh). I’d been thinking of something for awhile now and somebody above already mentioned it but, why hasn’t Jav asked himself why Eric still cares about Raven so much? Why hasn’t he tried looking further? Ah well…

      On another note, in regards to the way things are going I’m pretty sure Azmer (or whoever showed up) after discussion with the others found some way to either break the bond (LOL, we can hope but doubt it’s gonna happen, guess it’ll prove useful later with the cultivation and such at least) or more likely, found a way to extend the range/ allow them to go beyond the range of the bond by some means so that she can go to the tournament. The only thing that confuses me about this theory is that the granddaughter mentioned that her Grandfather wanted her to get an exception but it seemed like there was an issue. If the issue is the soul bond then that means he wasn’t able to think of something to fix it, which makes me unsure Azmer did so. Starting to talk in circles lol, either way can hardly wait for more chapters!


  6. -Tyrael-

    Well, Javelin is definitely being more temperamental then he needs to be, but I can’t really bring myself to hate him for it. Has there even been an instance where Raven did something for him that wasn’t motivated by self-interest? Even the soul bond; she did it because she felt she owed a debt to Eric, not to Javelin. Her only two emotional settings seem to be wrath and calculated indifference. I understand this story has a long way to go, but I dearly hope Raven can also showcase some progress by the end of this arc.

    Until now, Javelin has always treated her fairly (even if he wasn’t very smart about it), but what does he have to show for his efforts? Raven still treats him just about the same as everyone else. Has never shown any meaningful affection for him, even as a friend. It makes it really hard to sympathize with Raven when you consider she could clear up the misunderstanding, but chooses not to for her own selfish reasons. I think he’s entitled to be angry for a little while. He’s being selfish, she’s being selfish. I’d say in that way, they’re acting pretty much the same.

    As far as rebuking Hoatzin goes, he shouldn’t have snapped at him like that when he was just trying to help. But again, he’s not exactly wrong. Hoatzin seems to frequently disagree with the way Raven does things, but how often does he even try to call her on it? He really does just follow everything she does blindly. I wish he would speak up more often, she could benefit from having someone tell her when she’s going too far.


    1. forgotten_fate

      There are many things wrong with your post especially if you’d take a few steps back to see the bigger picture… Where to start, first off she did treat him as a friend (nothing more, nothing less) and even went so far as to make that bracelet for him, something she’s done for just one other person in this world (her brother). This was before she even knew he was Eric and it’s not like all her motivations have been because of that. In regards to her overall treatment of him, well so what? She didn’t ASK for his affections and clingy attitude towards her, it’s not her fault, she never promised him shit nor lead him on. As for him being selfish I agree, and while she has shown some selfishness such as not opening that can of worms beforehand and straightening things out, in the current situation she is NOT being selfish. If you’re reading the same story, you can tell that she’s thinking of his real death where he saved her life, while he’s thinking of that memory where she shot him. It’s very clear they’re thinking about two different situations (I’m guessing she shot him at that time to fool the other assassin into thinking she killed him, then saved him later and ran off etc til he eventually died saving her).

      Therefore she doesn’t know he’s thinking of something else and the whole time is thinking that he merely moved by instinct and had no feelings for her, if you hadn’t noticed she’s rather fragile and it’s hard for her to open her heart to others since she’s lived a living hell her whole life, so she also has no confidence. It’s natural for her to think “he didn’t mean anything by it and only moved by instinct” rather than get confused and realize he’s talking about an earlier memory than his death and try to correct him or talk to him about it. Either way the whole Jav thing is crap imo, love the story but it could’ve been a lot better without him in the story at all lol, she’d have been a much better match with someone like Limpkin.


      1. For me it is a lot more simple.
        I do like the Javelin character, but do do not like the bonding thing or the fact that he is only used as a handicap for Raven and to slow the story down.
        I feels that i am reading about a main character that is split in two, and it takes twice the effort for the story to progress and for the characters to develop.
        To much time and effort put into the Raven vs. Javelin story, and it’s hurting the rest of the story and characters. For example, Raven’s brother, his character and his relation with Raven and the world got push to the side or ignored. All the rest of the characters and less developed just because of how much time the Raven vs Javelin plot it taking.


  7. Beyogi

    How horrible of Javelin to be horrified by the psychopath that randomly inflicts fates worth than death on people. Fucking monster. He deserves to die for it. Like anyone who stands in the way of Raven…. not.

    You know when this story started it was actually good, but I guess I should have known better. It’s a Xianxia after all. And those can’t not dissolve into trash apparently. I wonder how actually good authors manage to reliably devolve their stories to the level of shitty fanfiction, but considering the comments here I’m not surprised.

    If you’re cheered on for every bad decision it’s all too easy to make more of them. This could have been great. Instead it’s a murderfest of ever escalating cruelty. I actually felt bad for Raven in the beginning. But no more. She actually got worse and willingly became a monster. Once she’s done with this world they’ll all bitterly regret that the Talon bitch didn’t succeed offing them all.


    1. Thank you for seeing Raven’s viciousness. At heart she is no kind person and on some level she definitely enjoys all the death she brings – I doubt you can become as good was she is at in her previous life without actually liking it. For Raven, her new family gave her a chance to learn true love and compassion but their influence on her was far too short-lived and without Javelin by her side it will become even harder. Raven has done a lot of bad and truly vicious things and I can assure you that more are to come. The question is what she can learn from it in the end.


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