Collective finger-crossing required!! 

Let us all cross our fingers, hold our thumbs and pray that my Internet-free computer, which just died on me, will remember the 1000+ words I managed to write this morning, while stuck on a broken train between two minor Swedish towns …. #TechnologyHatesMeToday


8 thoughts on “Collective finger-crossing required!! 

  1. Leafyeyes417

    *crosses everything possible, then adds cyborg limbs that cross more things, & adds a pretzel on top* Ok, I think we are good. XD
    Jokes aside, I really hope you didn’t lose your stuff. 😦

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  2. Thisn'tme

    If I said that I need not cross anything because I’m a pretzel maker, then it’d be a lie.
    As long so it’s just the battery that died and not the hard drive, most of your work should still be safe and temporarily saved. Just open up the documents again, and it’ll hopefully have remembered that auto saving is supposedly a default “on” feature.

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