WN Release: V.5 Ch.116


Thank you all for the extra burst of luck!


I got to my charger and, hurray, the browser I was writing in this morning was still open – with all my writing left! Perhaps I should make a habit of not writing chapters in an open browser when I don’t have any internet… At least then autosave should be an extra safety…

Anyway, here is the open release of Chapter 116: Advise and was sponsored by Patreons Braniac, B. Mottershead, O. Davis, M. McNelly and Z. Paul – thank you, awesome people!


P.S. The next “hidden” sponsor’s chapter should hopefully be up tomorrow ^.^

7 thoughts on “WN Release: V.5 Ch.116

  1. mjkj

    Great   😀

    Hmm, could you perhaps add a “landing page” for the hidden chapter if there currently is none? It is not so nice just getting the “Page-not-found” page…


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