Volume 3: Junior Student Night

Nearly two years after the death of Raven’s parents, she and her brother – who has gained the unstable spirit body of a purely white nightingale – have finally arrived in Sky City.

But now is not the time to feel relaxed.

Raven has to pass the entrance exam to the Imperial Sky Academy of Divine Arts with enough brilliance to land her a place in the advanced classes or Hoatzin will lose his new-found body. She also has to figure out who helped the Talons kill her family and if there is any connection between them and Empress Nene, who is in turn accused of treason.

With all this going on, will Raven ever find the time to cultivate, and perhaps even more importantly, will she find the time to make new friends?

She will need them both.

Chapter List

  1. Morning of the Exam
  2. The Exam Begins
  3. Unprecedented
  4. Admittance
  5. Imperial Banquet
  6. The Dare
  7. The Library
  8. An Arbitrary Amount of Skills
  9. The Fake’s Performance
  10. Threats and Lies
  11. Setting Things in Motion
  12. A Slip of the Hand
  13. Things You Live For
  14. Saving a Madman
  15. The Soul Stirs
  16. Merciless
  17. Memories
  18. Visions
  19. Familiar yet Unfamiliar
  20. Recognition
  21. Confrontations
  22. The Plot Thickens
  23. Nailing It
  24. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  25. The Lunar Trials
  26. Combined Assault
  27. A Spoke in the Wheel
  28. Darkness Descends
  29. Spirit Hall Tower
  30. Desperate Decisions
  31. Revelations
  32. Meeting Again
  33. Deep in the Mountain
  34. Foes and Allies

There will come a, mostly stolen, cover for this volume as  well but I can’t decide on the motive yet… On the up side, I’ve put together a novel front page instead ^.^


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