WN Release: V.5, Ch.112

Well, it would seem that one WN chapter every four days is going to be a rather perfect release speed because I would have had no problems getting this done by tonight… Now, after not-so-stealthily completing this chapter at work, here comes Chapter 112: Taking a Hit and at a 75% discount for being late ^.^ Thank you V. Schatz for sponsoring!


Also, I’m unsure if the graduation tournament was initially stated to only be for Sea Academy, but I felt it would be a bit unfair to the other schools if only SA students had a chance to gain a chosen position from the emperor, so I made it a bit bigger. If anyone finds earlier places where I said it was only for Sea Academy, please let me know and I will change it ^.^

WN Release: V.5, Ch.111

Tada – only slightly late, here is Chapter 111: In for a Ride, enjoy!

A big thank you to this chapter’s sponsors, Patreons B. Mottershead, Coldsnow, O. Davis, Maniac, as well as an anonymous sponsor – you are awesome! And, since it is more than 3 hours late (but less than 6) this chapter comes at a 25% discount ^.^


As most of you might have noticed, I’m having a hard time keeping up with the sponsored release speed with everything that is going on for me right now. In hopes of getting a little bit more sleep and, more importantly, not rushing the stories to the point where the quality drops, I’ve deiced to make a minor change to the release schedule.

So, once the currently sponsored chapter has been released, I will shift my schedule so that the sponsored release pace is a chapter once every four days, and the unsponsored pace is once every seven days. In other words, there will be 1-2 WN chapters a week, rather than 2-3. There will still be sporadic releases of DD, but as before, I make no promises on the regularity of those – even less so now.

This change is hopefully only temporary since things should get simpler once I’ve gotten into the flow of things ^.^

P.S. I was looking for a gif about water spheres/bubbles/fountains but found this and thought it was so pretty and cool (hehe) that I had to share it, despite it not being especially related to this chapter🙂

WN Release: V.5, Ch.109

I love you guys and gals – your supportive comments really warmed my heart and helped me unwind a bit ^.^ I will keep an eye on my health (perhaps I will have to change my release schedule a bit though, but I’ll let you know in advance if that happens).

Anyway, here is Chapter 109: Down Memory Lane – enjoy!


P.S. Is anybody else having trouble seeing the “Become a Patreon” button? I can only see it like 30% of the time right now…

Sorry everyone..

…but I have now fallen asleep tree times in front if my computer in the last fourty minutes and though it pains me, I don’t think I’ll manage to stay awake at all much longer. Keeping up with work, comutes and my studies while I write seems a bit much at the moment… I’m really sorry about this – I’ll try to compensate you all soon, but I don’t want to force myself to stay awake only to give you a poorly written chapter…

I’ll finish it as soon as I get some sleep.


Epic Cash Flow!

Hello everyone!

Over at Patreon, the first sponsor-goal has been reached – hurray! This means that, come October, I will start having one extra chapter available for those who sponsor chapters. A password will arrive by email to those affected once the first extra page is released (this password won’t work forever though – I’ll change it after a while and figure out a way to make it fair for the contributors)

These pre-released chapters will be available as long as there is a steady flow of sponsored chapters ^.^


WN Release: V.5, Ch.108

As timely as a train, here is Chapter 108: Tomato Soup – enjoy!

A big thank you to sponsor S. Glenn and Patreons FoodKiller, K. Bennet, Yun, C. Hausner, mjkj, Maniac, O. Davis, Coldsnow, B. Motterhead and anonymous! Sorry for the extra wait…

Asfor the DD chapter – I’m hoping to get it out before the weekend but I’ve been having a trouble keeping up and I don’t want to stress it so no promises (the up side of not taking any donations for that one ^.^).

Good night!


P.s. for the same reason that the DD is running late, I have also been slacking a bit at reading people’s comments, my mail and so on. Don’t take offense – I will get around to it soon enough, I promise!