WN Release: V.5 Ch.116


Thank you all for the extra burst of luck!


I got to my charger and, hurray, the browser I was writing in this morning was still open – with all my writing left! Perhaps I should make a habit of not writing chapters in an open browser when I don’t have any internet… At least then autosave should be an extra safety…

Anyway, here is the open release of Chapter 116: Advise and was sponsored by Patreons Braniac, B. Mottershead, O. Davis, M. McNelly and Z. Paul – thank you, awesome people!


P.S. The next “hidden” sponsor’s chapter should hopefully be up tomorrow ^.^

WN Release: V.5 Ch.115

Tada – here comes the full release of Chapter 115: Bloody and Bashful – enjoy! This chapter is magnanimously sponsored by Patreons Z. Paul, M. McNelly and anonymous – thank you!


On a side note, hopefully every current and previous sponsor received an email (or Patreon message) during the weekend about early releases – if you feel that I’ve missed you, leave a comment and I’ll investigate ^.^

WN Release: V.5, Ch.114

Tada – smashingly(-ish) on time – here is Chapter 114: First Blood, enjoy!


The number of Patreons I have are increasing every month (hurray!) and this chapter is sponsored by ten of them, namely K. Bennet, E. Olofsson, L. Smith, FoodKiller, Yun, C. Hausner, mjkj, Maniac, B. Mottershead and O. Davis! Thank you for your awesome support.

As for the hidden sponsor’s-chapter, it will hopefully be up and going this weekend ^.^

WN Release: V.5, Ch.112

Well, it would seem that one WN chapter every four days is going to be a rather perfect release speed because I would have had no problems getting this done by tonight… Now, after not-so-stealthily completing this chapter at work, here comes Chapter 112: Taking a Hit and at a 75% discount for being late ^.^ Thank you V. Schatz for sponsoring!


Also, I’m unsure if the graduation tournament was initially stated to only be for Sea Academy, but I felt it would be a bit unfair to the other schools if only SA students had a chance to gain a chosen position from the emperor, so I made it a bit bigger. If anyone finds earlier places where I said it was only for Sea Academy, please let me know and I will change it ^.^