Surprise time!

I have some work left on the next Whisper of the Nightingale chapter (definitely expect it within two hours at most). While you wait, I can let you in on my little surprise ^.^

Since a while back I’ve been working on my second novel and I’m finally clear enough on what’s going to happen to be able to start releasing chapters ^.^ To begin with, I will have a fixed release rate of one chapter/week so as to not take time away from Raven and Javelin😉

The story was the latest addition to the possible-future-stories list and is called Dimension’s Door, and both the synopsis and the prologue is up, and the first normal chapter will be out on Sunday.

I hope you will enjoy it ^.^


New Release: V.5, Ch.100

Tada! Here comes the much anticipated flashback in Chapter 100: First Impressions – just like last time it’s a little bit more than twelve hours late but I’ll count it as a 50% chapter due to timing with exams. My “final” one is tomorrow so after that things will be back to normal.

Thank you S. Ceniza for sponsoring ten chapters all in one go! It took me a while but finally I’ve worked my way through them ^.^

Also, this is the hundredth chapter and I’ve prepare a little surprise for you all – it will be out together with the next chapter since the timing has been a bit bad, but expect something I’m very excited about on Tuesday. . . .


P.S. I would be great if we could all collectively cross our fingers, hold our thumbs, prey, or whatever you do to wish someone good luck, and hope that the professor who is grading the exam I wrote on Friday will be lenient – I really need to pass and my margins felt smaller than I would like… D.S.

New Release: V.5, Ch.99

Here we go, Chapter 99: Across the Plains – enjoy!

Technically its a bit more than 12 hours late but I’m gonna be bold enough to class it as a 50% discount release anyway, due to timing with the exams. So, thank you S. Ceniza for sponsored chapter #9.5😉

I will try to do the next sponsored release on Saturday, but I probably shouldn’t – so no promises.

I haven’t finished all the prep-work with putting up the synopsis for the fifth volume and all but it will be called Troubled Waters😉

P.S. Some of you might notice that the amount of sponsored chapters dropped by 1.5 rather than 0.5 today. This because I had missed changing the bar a few chapters back, so I fixed it now (I keep very close track of the donations made and when they are spent so no worries there)

“Slight” delay

Hello everyone!

So, the next chapter – the first of volume 5 – required a bit more prep work from me than I had expected. I changed my mind a couple of times about how I wanted to start it and as a consequence I’m barely halfway done by now. Normal days I would say “Fuck it!”, grit my teeth and keep writing into the night – usually getting done before the first “late dead-line” – but since I’m in the middle of exams I can’t really afford a sleepless night and the ramifications it would bring.

But, fear not; I may need my sleep, but I will continue writing tomorrow – during my study breaks – so the chapter shouldn’t be more than a day late, maybe even less than that.

Sorry for the disappointment, but hopefully it will be worth the wait😉


Disclaimer: the above gif is in no way a recommendation to treat your computer with such undeserved rage simply for being the medium for my bad news. No reimbursements will be made for disappointment related damages to any kind of property.

New Release: V.4, Ch.98

Finally, the end of the volume arrives in Chapter 98: Trouble at the Horizon – enjoy! It’s slightly late, but it’s a really long one ^.^

This is the 9th chapter sponsored by S. Ceniza (at last, the end is nigh) – thank you!!!

Remember the time I got locked out of my apartment building when I went to buy a midnight snack? Well I almost repeated the process tonight, only this time I wasn’t blocked by a door, but rather a sea of people. Apparently, tonight was the so called Midnight’s Race here in Stockholm. So many people between me and my night open store…!


New Release: V.4, Ch.97

Tada, here is Chapter 97: Awakening – enjoy!
As always, a big thank you to the chapter’s sponsor, who, for the 8th time in a row, is S. Ceniza – thank you!!!

I thought I was catching up with the donations but then people got generous yet again so that gap has increased once more! I’m flattered, thankful and slightly terrified – all at the same time😉


On another note: how much commercial are people seeing on this site? I don’t see any from my side, but since it’s a free blog wordpress might add some. It would be interesting to know how often they do this.