Belated fortnight release!

Hello everyone! I posted a new chapter yesterday but realized that I forgot to add a post about it… sorry!

Anyway, here is the next chapter of DD – Commando Requirements – the title is somewhat of a pun (not a good one, but I laughed when I wrote it…) Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Belated fortnight release!

  1. Zoe Zung

    ahhh thank you! im so glad ur “alive” again lmaooooo. you are my favorite webnovel author and i really hope you will continue whisper of the nightingale soon! congrats on ur masters! love and hugs- Zoe

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  2. Yllah May

    I’m crying happy tears! Thank God you’re back! I’ve been a silent reader and big fan of Raven. Her story had me hooked, still am, even though it’s been years. Been visiting your site from time to time just to check if there’s new update so you can imagine my relief and joy seeing your new post. I literally jump and screamed. 😂

    Stay Safe. And Thank You for writing such a fine piece and for sharing it with us.

    Much love and appreciation from Phils.

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