Sorry everyone..

…but I have now fallen asleep tree times in front of my computer in the last forty minutes and though it pains me, I don’t think I’ll manage to stay awake at all much longer. Keeping up with work, commutes and my studies while I write seems a bit much at the moment… I’m really sorry about this – I’ll try to compensate you all soon, but I don’t want to force myself to stay awake only to give you a poorly written chapter…

I’ll finish it as soon as I get some sleep.


9 thoughts on “Sorry everyone..

  1. Thisn'tme

    Your self imposed deadlines are simply that. Self imposed. Though in general keeping with those deadlines is expected, life is never so stagnant. Reassess your priorities, let us know later on once you’ve figured it out for yourself, and just keep chugging.
    And seriously, please get enough sleep!

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  2. Maniac3020

    Even multi-billion dollar projects don’t always keep toschedule . Unexpected things happen. While I appreciate your dedication to your deadlines, it does no one any good to exhaust yourself. So, please, get the rest you need.

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  3. Dragrath

    Meant to say this earlier but I honestly feared this might happen after your previous comments don’t over do it! If you wear yourself down too much it will physically impact your health. That is never acceptable. Take care of yourself…

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  4. yu ming

    Please, if you need to, take a break. Many of us do not want this to impact your health. I’m just glad you give us nice timely updates. That’s really all we ask. The worst possible event that would occur would be if you disappear without any notice.

    I wait patiently for each new chapter whether it be every few days or a week, they’re always a nice surprise in the middle of the night (PST).

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