WN Release: V.5, Ch.109

I love you guys and gals – your supportive comments really warmed my heart and helped me unwind a bit ^.^ I will keep an eye on my health (perhaps I will have to change my release schedule a bit though, but I’ll let you know in advance if that happens).

Anyway, here is Chapter 109: Down Memory Lane – enjoy!


P.S. Is anybody else having trouble seeing the “Become a Patreon” button? I can only see it like 30% of the time right now…

12 thoughts on “WN Release: V.5, Ch.109

  1. Thisn'tme

    Love how the Patreon link doesn’t load properly and the flavor text is “Patron Button”
    Do readjust your release schedule. We don’t like hearing that you are “running behind” because life happens to be more than pumping out chapters for us Internet peoples. Much rather that you dial back a bit, and focus on balance rather than self-destructive work speeds.

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  2. Nakaki

    … (picks up phone and dials healthcare center)

    Hello? May I get a caretaker please? For a good friend of mine. I’m worried that she’s been working too hard and isn’t taking good care of her health. Please send someone over as soon as possible.

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