Hello and welcome to Snowy Publications!

In the immense world of the internet I go by the name of SnowyFeffe and here on Snowy Publications I will publish some of the light novels I’ve been working on lately.

It’s my first go at something like this so be kind ^.^

First is the xianxia inspired novel Whisper of the Nightingale.


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  1. SomethingWitty

    I’m enjoying it so far but there’s so many spelling/grammar errors! Do you have any interest in me pointing them out to be corrected, or are you going to edit it more once you’re done?


    1. Yeah sorry – I do my best but my dyslexia makes it hard for me to spot then on my own… If you have the time and the energy I would be more than grateful for the assistance!


      1. SomethingWitty

        No worries! You use ‘to/too/two’ and ‘their/there/they’re’ correctly which is much more than most people, and also something that drives some weird OCD part of my brain crazy when I see it done wrong. I posted edits for the Prologue. I went a bit overboard towards the end with a couple parts, I won’t take it badly if you ignore that. I wish there was an easier way to point out where to make changes, but *shrugs* c’est la vie.


      2. DogRancher

        Of course I didn’t see this until after I posted today. I have the first 50 chapters proof-read. Just let me know where to send the .doc file (with changes highlighted).


  2. Agnir

    Hi really like your story but couldn’t help but found some loopholes really frustrating like why didn’t the beast grandfather didn’t save his grandson himself. I think addition of side stories(chapter from the perspective of a different character) well help iron out these loopholes as well as give more information regarding the world, the characters and also make the story a bit more engaging. Evil God Average has some really great side stories if you wanna see what I am exactly talking about.

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  3. DogRancher

    I’ve been working my way down the rankings of topwebfiction.com for the past couple of months. I found that there are quite a few decent stories, a few stories told well, but when I got to Whisper of the Nightingale I was enthralled by a story that was told by a gifted story teller that was able to pull me into the world he had created. As I devoured chapter after chapter there was one thing that drove me crazy…the fact that I could see by the list on the side of the page that I was running out of chapters!

    Now, I have found that the case with many great story tellers, sometimes the grammar and punctuation suffer because the story-teller is focused on spinning the tale. Usually I don’t give it a second thought, I understand that we must focus on what we excel at; sometimes to the detriment of the peripherals. Seeing as I’m not really in a position to become a patron I decided I would attempt to contribute in another way. After I caught up on the chapters I decided that I would re-read the story in its’ entirety…only this time I would proof read. Having searched the website I was unable to find an email address where I could send the .doc file. So, shoot me an email to let me know where to send it…if you’re interested.


  4. Just a suggestion: Gravitytales is recruiting English Originals Authors.

    You can still post on Royalroad and on your website as well as on Gravitytales

    Gravitytales has traffic of over 1 million unique visitors each month so your xianxia story will get a big boost.

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  5. Hi there. I’ve been reading your novel Whisper of the Nightingale from Royalroadl for…the last few months? I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your dedication, creativity, and consistency. I really enjoy reading your novel and look forward to every update. I’m glad you had a great time on your trip and even gladder to see you back. Than you again and I anticipate (with much appreciation) your future works.

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  6. Slain1


    Love your work, but am wondering (and have been for some time) if you are still alive given the last post was now over 12 months ago. You used to post so frequently and then very suddenly you seemed to dissapear.

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      1. sweettianie

        Thanks for the comment. I am absolutely loving Raven’s journey and eagerly look forward to more. Hopefully you can make a post about when a new chapter will be coming. I was worried this was dropped and there was no new updates. Hopefully work is getting better. We look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for giving us hope!


      2. Hey SnowyFeffe, I absolutely love your book by the way. I found it on royalroad. I noticed that The Beginning After The End has made a comic out of their book on tapascomics. I hope that maybe one day you will have you’re own comic. Plus it’s great source of income.
        Have a great vacation!

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