Facts and Other Tidbits

Kinda being created atm…

Important Characters (so far and in order of appearance)




Duke Kimba:

King Felix:

Important Places

Solmani (soul-MAH-nee): The nation of fire and water benders in which Adan first arrives in.

Valdmani (val’d-MAH-nee): A rivaling nation of mostly water benders that has a longstanding conflict with Solmani.

Technical Terms (alphabetically)

BioArmor: A partially biological armor used by all members of the Amazon Platoon. Inactivated, the armor remains like an irremovable collar around the wearer’s neck. Once activated, a liquid-like armor envelops the entire wearer’s entire body, providing protecting from most common weapons ranging up to nuclear warheads. The armor also functions as a tactical stealth unit, fully equipped with high-tech camouflage and an adaptable outward appearance.

DSB (Deep Space Burst signal): A pulsating signal permeating the entire known universe. Used primarily for interstellar navigation.

Foreign Phrases (in order of appearance)

Yes, there is order to the madness… A golden cookie to whoever figures it out ^.^

Original English Translation
Ja’t vwa’s! Vukkufr vwa’s! Buy bread! Cheap bread!
Do’wlja wo’jiw, gakca twulor vawa usaf! Fresh shrimp, half price only today!
Twuna jko’sow ac ga’flra jcakuror! Fine clothes of the highest quality!
 Vo’rrwo jcakuror, rukk vo’rrwo twulow! Better quality for a better price!
Tatta, haf cukk lo oks! Haf cukk lo oks! Daddy, I want to see fire! I want to see fire!
Ubro by. Not now.
okscujawo/carrobcujawo/ulcujawo fire bender/water bender/ice bender
Ywno’blk! Ancient One!
Cukjob la’rbil, jun rukk tatta! What a sweetheart, come to daddy!
Sor wo’xjow, lko’tt gibin. That’s enough, release him.
Jba’k! Oaf!
Untibowabso Impressive
Vibkywj/Kywj Country bumpkin/Bumpkin
Ho’ckaw! Damn!
jwo’jor Lowlife

8 thoughts on “Facts and Other Tidbits

  1. saganatsu

    under the assumption that this is solvable by something doable short of an institutional level effort (aka I made a language completely from scratch)

    this looks like something run through a translator (either computer or personally) and then a substitution cipher.

    we can tell this is not just english under a cipher because it appears that both “of the” and “for a” appear to collapse into single words.

    We can tell that words translate consistently because “vwa’s” appears twice: both in the translation of “buy bread” and of “cheap bread”.

    That all the words are still pronounceable, and we don’t get messes of consonants implies that it is likely that consonants are being replaced with other consonants, and vowels with vowels.

    Alternatively we could have a phoneme based based substitution, but that likely wouldn’t produce “vwa”, “jko”, or “wlja” as valid phonemes.

    Still, as I haven’t gotten an actual answer, this could all be completely off base.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. saganatsu

        I think I have it: The language is swedish, and the cipher (or as much as I could get from the sample is)

        cipher > plaintext
        R>A (?)

        I don’t speak swedish, and I had to do it through google translate, which I don’t think I got the exact same translation you have, so I don’t think it’s perfect… (the word fine comes out as fina, but the cipher has twuna; the last sentence has a different number of words…)


      1. saganatsu

        I hadn’t realized there was one, but now I found it.
        The pattern uses the keyboard: to decrypt, go to the next consonant/vowel to the right (vowels go the next vowel, consonants to consonants, I think Y is a vowel). As above, the result will be in swedish.


  2. SineNomine

    Oh, someone already head this much and there was a translation as well…. I shold have checked before starting on my own. But at least I got some part of the translation right.


  3. Maniac3020

    Wow. It always excites me and amazes me when a language is created for a fictional world. That you did it by yourself is very impressive. I admire the attention to detail.


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