She is alive!


Wow, time flies! It’s been over a year since I published something on this site – work and life and frantic studies (finally got my Masters!) has just made the hurdle to start writing again too big. Both Raven and Adan’s stories are too important to me for them to be written halfheartedly so I have prioritized getting stuff in order and hoarding ideas for the future. I’m still not quite there with Raven, but at least Adan is ready to continue her story in [1:24 – Lone Soldiers]!

If you are curious about what is going to happen next, release wise, my plan is to release one chapter every two weeks to start off with (all DD for now) and once that has stabilized and I feel that it’s manageable I will work on upping the pace 🙂

Finally, a BIG BIG thank you to all of you wonderful people who have kept coming back to my slumbering site, reading, re-reading, leaving encouraging comments and persistently supporting me via Patreon – it has kept me strong and motivated to continue! I love you all!


28 thoughts on “She is alive!

  1. SineNomine

    Welcome back! It’s great that I can read one of my favourite stories again.
    And since I couldn’t put it below the chapter:
    a few typos:
    The was another slam → There was another slam
    worked, but to no avail → worked but to no avail (the second part seems to not be independent but eliptical in nature)
    priest snorted, but was → priest snorted but was (dependent)
    the fact the he was → the fact that he was
    Adan didn’t doubt that this world → Adan doubted that this world (Otherwise she believes it to be different
    bow towards to head priestess → bow towards the head priestess
    from the Head Priest and → from the head priest and
    deadline. It’s just. . . . → deadline. It’s just . . . (you use “. . .” most of the time in this chapter)
    in the table but this time → in the table, but this time
    pounce but before he → pounce, but before he
    felt  the urge to whistle → felt the urge to whistle (double space)
    imagine the  frown → imagine the frown (double space)
    show and unchanged body → show an unchanged body
    before its voice uncertain: → before its uncertain voice continued: (?, the verb is missing)
    There is however an increased vibration → There is, however, an increased vibration
    had started but Lynne’s face had → had started, but Lynne’s face had
    the Moons was on their → the Moons were on their
    is less then that of a → is less than that of a
    King hadn’t court-marshaled → King hadn’t court-martialed
    However. . . . → However . . . (changed to 3 dots)
    sweet sent of almonds → sweet scent of almonds
    to get complete his awakening → to complete his awakening
    an impressive Trecker, had → an impressive Tracker, had
    unbelievably large mark and had → unbelievably large mark, and had
    On their own it would have → On their own, it would have (modal intro)
    shouldn’t pry but he couldn’t → shouldn’t pry, but he couldn’t (independent)
    back feeling cold an bare → back feeling cold and bare
    fooled him before but I doubt → fooled him before, but I doubt
    those explenations very much → those explanations very much
    a while, then “. . . Sai knows.” → a while, then its voice sounded in hear head: “. . . Sai knows.” (I just like it more like that 😉 )

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  2. MoRpHmAuL

    You wont believe how surprised i was after ive opened the site and it was a new post there :O
    Been following your stories since the old days on RR, even though your not updating there anymore 😦
    Congratulations on your Master, writing my own master thesis atm, i know you barely got time for other stuff during those months.

    Welcome back 😀


  3. Def1113

    Have you looked into publishing whisper of the nightingale on amazon? I for one would love to purchase the ebook so i could read it via kindle. Its also a good way to attract new readers


  4. Maniac3020

    I’ve been checking this site every few days for years, looking at that bored cop hanging (not) from a ledge.

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  5. UnboundBloodshed

    Woah! Welcome back!
    I was checking this once in a while, hoping for new chapters since I really like the stories.
    Hopefully you get time to finish your stories eventually, they’re fantastic!


  6. Lifewalk

    Haven’t been here for ages, sadly nothing changed much. But it’s alright 🙂
    You probably gotta do what you gotta do.
    Cya next year when I remember this novel again 🙂


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