She is alive!


Wow, time flies! It’s been over a year since I published something on this site – work and life and frantic studies (finally got my Masters!) has just made the hurdle to start writing again too big. Both Raven and Adan’s stories are too important to me for them to be written halfheartedly so I have prioritized getting stuff in order and hoarding ideas for the future. I’m still not quite there with Raven, but at least Adan is ready to continue her story in [1:24 – Lone Soldiers]!

If you are curious about what is going to happen next, release wise, my plan is to release one chapter every two weeks to start off with (all DD for now) and once that has stabilized and I feel that it’s manageable I will work on upping the pace 🙂

Finally, a BIG BIG thank you to all of you wonderful people who have kept coming back to my slumbering site, reading, re-reading, leaving encouraging comments and persistently supporting me via Patreon – it has kept me strong and motivated to continue! I love you all!


Delay in chapters

Hi everyone – I know you’ve been expecting a chapter these past two days but I’ve been on the road and unable to type them down. Due to a friends wedding, this will be the case until Sunday… BUT I have been writing on paper so hopefully you’ll have two chapters released at the same time then ^.^

I’m okay…

But the terror has reached Sweden… 

Today, just before 3 p.m. Swedish time, a madman (or woman) in a stolen beer truck drove down one of the most populated shopping streets in Stockholm, finally crashing into into the large shopping mall I visited less than 24h earlier. It is still unclear how many have been hurt or even killed by this, but the city is paralysed as trains and buses have stopped moving and people are asked to remain inside.

It’s a horrible thing. To think that there are people who wish to harm others, out of simple ignorance and hate. I cannot even begin to imagine the rage that is required for someone to think that the best way to for them to get their opinion across is to kill their fellow man! 

I would like to say that I’m angry, that I have nothing but hate for whoever did this awful thing – and the others who have done similar things before – but, as I write this, I only feel sad…

Sad for those who have lost their family members today. Sad for those who will feel unsafe when they leave their homes tomorrow. Sad for those innocent children who, years ago, came to this world as pure as anyone else, but somehow ended up in a truck, mowing down a steet with an intent to kill.

Tomorrow will be a hard day in Stockholm. Many will perhaps choose to stay home, shying away from the world and the dangers there. Others will be overwhelmed by anger and grief, desperate for someone to blame for what has happened. I can understand both reactions, but I hope that most will take the opportunity to turn to their fellow man and talk to them. The terror touches us all, one way or another, and when some choose violence to force our silence and “obedience”, only our solidarity and openness can guarenty their failure. 

Take care, and don’t let fear rule you. 

Times are changing

Hello everyone!

I have an announcement to make that brings both good and bad news. . . .

The thing is this, I have almost finished my studies to become an engineer (can’t believe it’s finally coming to an end!) and have been hired by a really interesting company, starting a few weeks from now. Amazingly enough, they have a possible project for me in Japan (*excited squeal!!!*) and I will be leaving for a trial period in a few weeks.

Now don’t get too alarmed, it most definitely is my intention to keep writing even when I start working! However, I have no delusions about how much free time I will have at my new job – I’ve already become swamped with  things I need to do and I haven’t even started yet. . . .

Consequently, I will – temporarily – have to stop with the sponsored chapters. I will make sure to keep releasing one WN chapter per week and one DD chapter every second week, but I make no promises that more than that will be arriving while I’m in Japan.

My current Patreons will receive e-mails with more information in the next few days ^.^

As for today’s release, it has to be pushed to tomorrow (sorry yet again to my sponsors for not having the hidden chapter up ahead of schedule) but I will try to release as many chapters between now and the 20th of February (when work starts) as possible to compensate.

All of this is a bit bittersweet, but it is a really exciting opportunity for me that I don’t want to miss out on – I hope you understand ^.^

Until tomorrow!

No release tonight…

So after coming home from my trip it only took a couple of days and I became sick – there of the lack of DD chapter. Today it has been the worst day yet but I finally got some medicine so at least it’s getting better. I tried to write a bit now but it didn’t go so well…. hopefully the medicine has taken even more effect tomorrow.

Home, Sweet Home!

I’m back! After nearly four weeks of little to no internet (or computers for that matter) I’m finally back in Sweden. If I have any readers from Ecuador I’d just like to say that you have an amazingly beautiful country – I spent 2 of those four weeks first driving through your highlands and then sailing around Galapagos and I took so many pictures my 32GB memory card ran out of space half-way through (granted, there were some old pictures left on the card before I started, but still!).


Now I just have to type up the meager stuff I managed to write while on the move, finish both a DD and a WN chapter, update the chapter queue, do something about the fact that my domain provider has been sold to a company with worse deals, read all your comments from while I was gone and the start the slow but steady progress of catching up to the amount of sponsored chapters…. Yeay! ^.^

So, fingers-crossed, I’ll be done with one WN chapter tonight and a DD sometime tomorrow. If I don’t get the WN chapter out tonight (pushing its release until Saturday), I can’t promise that the DD one will be done tomorrow, meaning that it will instead come out on Monday (I’m spending Sunday at a spa with a friend as our combined birthday gifts ^.^).

Great to be back!

EDIT: The currently sponsor’s chapter will be released to all tonight but I’m not sure if the new sponsor’s chapter will be out tonight or tomorrow (fingers crossed!!). The above information about the DD chapter is still correct though…

WN Release: V.5, Ch.111

Tada – only slightly late, here is Chapter 111: In for a Ride, enjoy!

A big thank you to this chapter’s sponsors, Patreons B. Mottershead, Coldsnow, O. Davis, Maniac, as well as an anonymous sponsor – you are awesome! And, since it is more than 3 hours late (but less than 6) this chapter comes at a 25% discount ^.^


As most of you might have noticed, I’m having a hard time keeping up with the sponsored release speed with everything that is going on for me right now. In hopes of getting a little bit more sleep and, more importantly, not rushing the stories to the point where the quality drops, I’ve deiced to make a minor change to the release schedule.

So, once the currently sponsored chapter has been released, I will shift my schedule so that the sponsored release pace is a chapter once every four days, and the unsponsored pace is once every seven days. In other words, there will be 1-2 WN chapters a week, rather than 2-3. There will still be sporadic releases of DD, but as before, I make no promises on the regularity of those – even less so now.

This change is hopefully only temporary since things should get simpler once I’ve gotten into the flow of things ^.^

P.S. I was looking for a gif about water spheres/bubbles/fountains but found this and thought it was so pretty and cool (hehe) that I had to share it, despite it not being especially related to this chapter 🙂

Sorry everyone..

…but I have now fallen asleep tree times in front of my computer in the last forty minutes and though it pains me, I don’t think I’ll manage to stay awake at all much longer. Keeping up with work, commutes and my studies while I write seems a bit much at the moment… I’m really sorry about this – I’ll try to compensate you all soon, but I don’t want to force myself to stay awake only to give you a poorly written chapter…

I’ll finish it as soon as I get some sleep.


Epic Cash Flow!

Hello everyone!

Over at Patreon, the first sponsor-goal has been reached – hurray! This means that, come October, I will start having one extra chapter available for those who sponsor chapters. A password will arrive by email to those affected once the first extra page is released (this password won’t work forever though – I’ll change it after a while and figure out a way to make it fair for the contributors)

These pre-released chapters will be available as long as there is a steady flow of sponsored chapters ^.^