Honored Contributors

Sponsors and Patrons

I write stories (well story, at the moment) because I love imagining and immersing myself into other worlds. I put them online because it would be a pity not to share these fantasies with whoever is interested.

However, writing is not my full time job (I’m studying to become an engineer IRL) and in order to keep up with growing demands, I’ve happily pulled back on my part-time jobs. This would not be economically feasible if not for the wonderful people who donate on a regular basis.

Sponsors – Old and New, Alphabetically
  • A. Schaub
  • B. Gazzola
  • B. Nichols
  • B. Oliver
  • C. Crouch-Hall
  • D. H. Lundtoft
  • E. Manong
  • Hasenpelz
  • J. Hogg
  • J. Morehu
  • J. Spencer
  • M. D. Reyes
  • M. Kolb
  • M. Lo
  • NopiSoul
  • N. Stieben
  • P. Roy
  • Queen E. Manong
  • R. Kayne
  • S. Andreasen
  • S. Ceniza
  • S. Glenn
  • T. Neely
  • T. Tran
  • V. Schatz
  • Z. Paul
  • Anonymous Sponsors
Patreons (Current)
  • M. Allen
  • M. McNally
  • Maniac
  • O. Davis
  • B. Mottershead
  • C. Hausner
  • mjkj
  • D. Hofmann
  • Foodkiller
  • Yun
  • L. Smith
  • Ryan Grady
  • Jannis H.
  • Ana
  • Dynrakmos
  • E. Olofsson
  • Fake Name
  • K. Bennett
  • Zixue
  • Piddles
  • C. Odunsi
  • D. Andersen
  • Krakatal
  • HT
  • Anonymous Patreons

Other Contributors

Of course, there are other contributions besides monetary ones that are worth mentioning. Several reader have for example been kind enough to give me considerable aid with my spelling/grammar – something that is priceless for a dyslectic like myself! I would like to give a shout out to all of you, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone 🙂

“One”-Time Wonders
  • Phoenix
  • Gregormcmac
  • Wokaloka
  • kirindas
  • Vrazyh3
  • Noah
  • Dragrath
  • Aure94100
  • MikaNeko
  • Big Fan
  • Clydechi
  • Eimee_Inkari
  • Lazy Cat
  • John R
  • Aethalis
  • Shadow
  • SomethingWitty
  • Altoroc
Casual Correctors
  • Dark Jackel
  • Maniac3020
  • Wingod
  • IronOrc
  • Pandas
  • Ian
  • Ogami-kun
  • Mjkj
Hard-Core Helpers
  • DogRancher
  • Leafyeyes417
  • SineNomine (Xedo)
  • Kotawa
  • A guy I know (a.k.a Felix, the man of awesome)
  • Ploogle
  • Jacobpaige
  • My mom (yes, IRL)

All of you are simply amazing!

Also, not to be neglected, a warm thank you to those of you who take the time to leave comments, give feedback in general and vote for my novel at TopWebFiction – it keeps my morale (and overall quality of my work) up ^.^

Thank you all for contributing!

If you wish for your name to be removed from either of these lists, let me know in a comment and I will remove both the mention and the comment as fast as possible.

11 thoughts on “Honored Contributors

      1. Actually the amount is correct. I’m just shocked that I might have over done the donation myself personally. Really liked the work even though it’s one of those “OP transfer to another world reincarnation” thing.

        So yeah, you’re welcome.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Yun


    I have something to confess. I’m as you know a patreon of your fantasy woven novel although I’ve already stopped reading your tale for a long time.

    I’m planning to keep the donation up every month just to support you from writing more stories with motivation c:

    Good luck and enjoy the holidays if you have them!


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