Next DD Chapter – Coming Soon

  • Next Chapter: 21
  • Status: N/A
  • Planed Release Date: Planned? Ha! I laugh at plans! ^.^’
  • Author’s Note: Why be precise if you can be vague? Seriously though, it can be anything from 1-3 weeks from the previous release. . . .

Is the chapter late? Perhaps there is an information update at

22 thoughts on “Next DD Chapter – Coming Soon

    1. well, since I had to spend more time than expected on the WN chapter this weekend, I didn’t get as much done on DD as I needed. I’m not that far off but I don’t want to rush it too much…


  1. What “14-ish of October”??? Help! Please! I’m crying tears of blood here! …wait. I probably should get a doctor to check that out. That’s definetly not normal.

    I’ll be back! And I expect results! Please… please… please… *sob*

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  2. Draconic

    So no DD chapter tonight either? At least there will be a new WN chapter in a few hours.
    Thanks for the update, it’s much better to know how things are progressing, than just pressing the F5 key again and again.


  3. Hyper

    Hyper In.
    Hyper Out.
    Hyper Back.
    Hyper Gone.
    Hyper doesn’t see a chapter. T^T
    Hyper joins the F5 sect.


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