Fort-fortnight DD release

So sorry about the delay! I was sick the previous week and have been working to catch up.

Here is the latest chapter Action Plan – enjoy the intrigues 😉


8 thoughts on “Fort-fortnight DD release

  1. Archangel

    She posted a review on webnovel in 2021, phew; last time I felt the need to check to make sure an author was among the living, and found something… They weren’t…. I found an obituary for one, a note from his mother for another, and finally a third from another one’s wife…. Rip Kevin Wholer, Matthew Storm, T.S. Paul….


      1. pyrohawk21

        Hoping this means you didn’t find an obituary since, but instead are just sad at the extended silence…

        As for you Snowy… Loved your stories, and would greatly appreciate it if you updated once again. Or even if you just let us know one way or another what’s going on. These days an extended silence is even more concerning than usual…


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