New Release: WN, V.6, Ch.145

All work and no writing makes SnowyFeffe a sad girl…

But! Here, at last, is Chapter 145: Ready for the Kill – enjoy!


P.S. I swear, I hadn’t intended for there to be a cliffhanger this time around but sometimes things pop up that even I don’t expect… D.S.

New Release: V.4, Ch.90

The cat is back and I start off with an all-nighter on the bathroom floor, doubling as a pillow – awesome!


Anyway, here is Chapter 90: Leave! and, as it is very late, it counts as a regular one ^.^ I would like to promise a new chapter in 2 days rather than three to compensate but since things are still a bit shaky around here I shall make no such promises.

Tomorrow (aka later today) will be my big go-back-and-fix-the-errors-that-awesome-people-have-found-for-me day! Woop, wooop! ^.^ Thank you!

New Release: V.4, Ch.89

So, after basically doing nothing but sleeping for three days, I am once again approaching the state of “not sick” – hurray!


Thank you for all the warm well-wishes I’ve been getting, it keeps a girl going ^.^

Well then, on to business; here is Chapter 89: A Losing Battle, which is the 2nd of 10 chapters sponsored by S. Ceniza – thank you!!

BTW, word of the day goes to ‘aplomb‘ – a word whose Swedish counterpart I use quite a lot.

New Release: V.4, Ch.88

Good news: I got my phone back (it was found by a neighbor)!
Bad news: I also got sick….
Why do I feel like I can’t get a break right now? 😥


But – through snot, coughing and shitloads of ginger tea – here is Chapter 88: Fatal Consequences, which is the first of ten chapters sponsored by the awesome S. Ceniza!

And yes, I have to end every chapter with a cliffhanger (atm at least) – we’re approaching a climax here 😛

P.S. I hope no one caught my accidental release of the notes for chapter 89 (I pushed ‘publish’ when I should have pushed ‘save’)…

New Release: V.4, Ch.87

Sorry for the delay everyone! Yesterday was not a good day… My friend lost her boyfriend, I lost my phone (shit), and then I nearly managed to lock us both out of my apartment T.T Now I’ve spent most of the day trying lock-off as much as possible from my phone so whichever a-hole, who decided to keep my phone rather than return it to the police, doesn’t get his/her hands on my sensitive stuff…



…anyway, here is Chapter 87: Intrigues and since it’s more than 15 hours late, I’ll count it as a regular chapter, so there are still eleven chapters in the queue – hurray! ^.^

However, starting now, I will be making some changes on the if-it’s-very-late-it’s-free-or-cheaper system. I felt like the system was a bit diffuse and I would prefer some stricter guidelines to work by. So check out the donation page if you want to know more.

P.S. Writing these intrigue-thick chapters is really hard! I know what should happen but how to put it into writing…? Tricky.

New Release: V.4, Ch.85

Tada – Chapter 85: The Beginning of the End is out! Enjoy!

On a happy note: as you might have noticed, I have gotten a amazing amount of sponsoring recently so we will be in for a long period of 1ch/3days – hurray! I do however warn you all that I’m entering a bit a of tricky segment in my writing, so there might be days when I choose to post-pone the publishing a bit to benefit the story (I will however naturally compensate for this, should such situations arise).

See you in three days ^.^