New Release: WN. 151

Bah, so much drama at work… Can’t people just be, I don’t know, decent to each other?

Anyway, enough ranting from me ^.^ here is WN Chapter 151: Meddlers On Many Fronts – enjoy!

And some visual aid (sorry about the text but I’m stingy). Think Leper Lilly ^.^


New Release: DD. Ch.22

Meh, this was supposed to be released like three days ago but I kept falling asleep the moment I sat down on my bed in my hotel room – I guess I’ve not gotten enough sleep recently… (^_^;)

But, better late than never, here is DD chapter 22: Tease Attack – enjoy!

Delay in chapters

Hi everyone – I know you’ve been expecting a chapter these past two days but I’ve been on the road and unable to type them down. Due to a friends wedding, this will be the case until Sunday… BUT I have been writing on paper so hopefully you’ll have two chapters released at the same time then ^.^