New Release: WN, V.6, Ch.147

Well, whatever magic spare time I managed to find 10 days ago to get out a sponsored release is obviously gone (so much work! T_T)…

But, at least, here is Chapter 147 of Raven’s journey: Advancing in the Tournament – enjoy!

P.S. today was the first time I searched for a gif and found one that was so spot on that I had to pick another one – the first one was just too much of a spoiler… Scary… 😉 D.S.

New release: WN V.6, Ch.146

At last, another chapter release for you all! Here is Chapter 146: Saved by the Bell – enjoy!

I’m so sorry that it’s been, what 15 days?, since my last release… A lot has been going on. Work just won’t let up, my cat got sick, I had to leave for Japan again, I got sick… Currently, I’m shriveled up in a (rock-hard) hotel bed in Kobe with a cough that just won’t stop and a indisputable feeling that I will never have any sense of smell again… As always, I will try to make it up to you all as soon as possible but who know when that will be.

P.S. I really didn’t get what I expected when I googled “gif saved by the bell”… D.S.


Regular Release: DD ch.16

Well if it isn’t one thing, it’s the other. . . . First I had too much to do at work, and then I got the a fever and was knocked out for five days. . . . Sigh!

At least I’m blessed with understanding and supportive readers who don’t get mad at me for being slow! And I love you all for it! ❤

Anyway, here it is – after well over a month since the last one – the next Dimension’s Door chapter: Anomaly Detected – enjoy!