I’m in!

Finally a neighbor of mine let me in as they left for an early shift – hurray!! Unfortunately I also have work tomorrow (or rather today T.T) so I need to sleep the few hours left of the “night” and then head out again. As such, the chapter will be delayed quite a bit more… I’ll count it as a regular one though, to compensate.

6 thoughts on “I’m in!

  1. Hey! Congrats, I found a website that may interest you, its called http://www.fictiongrill.com quite a few authors have put their novels onto the website as another site for their books, the website has a goal of helping authors being able to write without needing to worry about funding or something like that, figured i’d just let you know in case it would interest you, cant wait for chapter 79! I’ve been reading your novel since the beginning 🙂


    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I am actually considering joining that site but will likely be a bit swamped by my degree project soon so I want to wait until I know how my workload will be before I decide ^.^
      Thank you for following my novel so diligently – I hope it will continue to entertain you in the future!


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