A slight hitch….

Believe it or not but I just got locked out of my apartment building… I went to buy food to sustain me for the last burst of writing and now that I’m back the door-thingy doesn’t work :/

Fortunately the weather is good….

(if it isn’t clear: since my computer is left inside I won’t be able to continue writing until solved the door problem. I can write on my phone but the mobile editor for WordPress is an absolute nightmare, so I’d rather not)

13 thoughts on “A slight hitch….

    1. Sure does – and what vexes me more is that if I had picked my normal keys (instead of the easily found spares) I would have been able to “brute force” my way in through the basement….


      1. Leafyeyes417

        😦 Hope you get inside before it gets dark. (I’m assuming it is still day there. I have no idea what time zone you are in…)


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