New Realse: V.4, Ch.80

Chapter 80: Death’s Door is here and it’s on time, bitches! [<- said dramatically with a sense of achievement and in no way to offend any she-canines who may be reading this. . . .]

My warmest thank yous to Patreons C. Hausner, Mjkj, Maniac, B. Mottershead, Coldsnow and O. Davis for sponsoring this chapter – you are all awesome!

P.S. I wanted to find a fun gif for my above outburst and happened to stumble open this one instead. I guess its kinda the granny-school edition of this chapter 😛 D.S.


P.P.S. The next chapter is not sponsored so unless that changes over the next 12h then the next scheduled will be on the 19th (yes one day late but my aunt is celebrating her 50th birthday on the 18th so . . . deal 😉 ). However, as promised there will still be a bonus chapter popping up sometime soon ^.^ D.D.S.

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