Woop! Woop!

Guess what: I passed the hardest of my exams! Now nothing can stop me from starting my final degree project next week – hurray!


P.S. Sorry for the completely irrelevant outburst but I just had to get it out of my system… Chapter and surprise coming later today, as promised ^.^

16 thoughts on “Woop! Woop!

  1. Dragrath

    Congrats on passing 🙂 To defeat an evil monstrosity known as an exam is truly a moment worth shouting to the heavens so feel free to rejoice as you see fit 😉

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  2. Thisn'tme

    I feel the obligatory congrats is not quite enough. Though the necessary ignorant comment about your area of study feels like it should be stated for the uninformed. Engineering physics focused on optical physics: “so like lasers and shit?”
    Glad to hear your studies have paid off so far. At least said exam was related to your field of study? Would suck if it wasn’t.

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  3. Maniac3020


    I have an interest in all things engineering, physics, etc. How fortuitous that one of my favorite authors is also an engineer at heart.


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