New Release: V.5, Ch.100

Tada! Here comes the much anticipated flashback in Chapter 100: First Impressions – just like last time it’s a little bit more than twelve hours late but I’ll count it as a 50% chapter due to timing with exams. My “final” one is tomorrow so after that things will be back to normal.

Thank you S. Ceniza for sponsoring ten chapters all in one go! It took me a while but finally I’ve worked my way through them ^.^

Also, this is the hundredth chapter and I’ve prepare a little surprise for you all – it will be out together with the next chapter since the timing has been a bit bad, but expect something I’m very excited about on Tuesday. . . .


P.S. I would be great if we could all collectively cross our fingers, hold our thumbs, prey, or whatever you do to wish someone good luck, and hope that the professor who is grading the exam I wrote on Friday will be lenient – I really need to pass and my margins felt smaller than I would like… D.S.

One thought on “New Release: V.5, Ch.100

  1. Nakaki

    (crosses fingers, holds thumb, prays, gathers a whole bag of four-leaf clovers, sprinkles salt and pepper over my shoulders)

    Done, done, and done ^.^ Best wishes on your exam results

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