New Release: V.5, Ch.99

Here we go, Chapter 99: Across the Plains – enjoy!

Technically its a bit more than 12 hours late but I’m gonna be bold enough to class it as a 50% discount release anyway, due to timing with the exams. So, thank you S. Ceniza for sponsored chapter #9.5 😉

I will try to do the next sponsored release on Saturday, but I probably shouldn’t – so no promises.

I haven’t finished all the prep-work with putting up the synopsis for the fifth volume and all but it will be called Troubled Waters 😉

P.S. Some of you might notice that the amount of sponsored chapters dropped by 1.5 rather than 0.5 today. This because I had missed changing the bar a few chapters back, so I fixed it now (I keep very close track of the donations made and when they are spent so no worries there)

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