“Slight” delay

Hello everyone!

So, the next chapter – the first of volume 5 – required a bit more prep work from me than I had expected. I changed my mind a couple of times about how I wanted to start it and as a consequence I’m barely halfway done by now. Normal days I would say “Fuck it!”, grit my teeth and keep writing into the night – usually getting done before the first “late dead-line” – but since I’m in the middle of exams I can’t really afford a sleepless night and the ramifications it would bring.

But, fear not; I may need my sleep, but I will continue writing tomorrow – during my study breaks – so the chapter shouldn’t be more than a day late, maybe even less than that.

Sorry for the disappointment, but hopefully it will be worth the wait 😉


Disclaimer: the above gif is in no way a recommendation to treat your computer with such undeserved rage simply for being the medium for my bad news. No reimbursements will be made for disappointment related damages to any kind of property.

8 thoughts on ““Slight” delay

  1. Bed

    Good luck on your exams and hopefully we get our chapter tomorrow. The disclaimer and gif are hilarious. Just a day, A day more to wait. *Sleeps* and hopefully it’s up when i wake up. I’mma sleep for 24 hours.


  2. What kind of school do you go to that makes you take exams in the summer? May you pass the exam and look back at your procrastination wishing that during that time you were studying. (unless you don’t procrastinate, in which case, I shall worship you like god).


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