New Release: V.4, Ch.98

Finally, the end of the volume arrives in Chapter 98: Trouble at the Horizon – enjoy! It’s slightly late, but it’s a really long one ^.^

This is the 9th chapter sponsored by S. Ceniza (at last, the end is nigh) – thank you!!!

Remember the time I got locked out of my apartment building when I went to buy a midnight snack? Well I almost repeated the process tonight, only this time I wasn’t blocked by a door, but rather a sea of people. Apparently, tonight was the so called Midnight’s Race here in Stockholm. So many people between me and my night open store…!


8 thoughts on “New Release: V.4, Ch.98

    1. Started running? Hell no. I’m a “why run when you can walk” kinda’ gal. The only way you can get me running is with a hungry tiger at my heals. I did however manage to zig my way through the masses after a few failed attempts 😛


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