Surprise time!

I have some work left on the next Whisper of the Nightingale chapter (definitely expect it within two hours at most). While you wait, I can let you in on my little surprise ^.^

Since a while back I’ve been working on my second novel and I’m finally clear enough on what’s going to happen to be able to start releasing chapters ^.^ To begin with, I will have a fixed release rate of one chapter/week so as to not take time away from Raven and Javelin 😉

The story was the latest addition to the possible-future-stories list and is called Dimension’s Door, and both the synopsis and the prologue is up, and the first normal chapter will be out on Sunday.

I hope you will enjoy it ^.^


2 thoughts on “Surprise time!

  1. Awesome! Already read the prologue, can’t wait for the next chapter already haha
    PS: I was wondering if you’ve heard about a website called FictionGrill? They seem to have a unique idea towards helping out authors, although i don’t really know the specifics or how effective it is myself as i’m not an author, but it may be worth checking out 🙂


  2. Thisn'tme

    Without reading the synopsis or prologue yet, I would like to state that I have great expectations for this second novel. Catchy title, though the worrying part is it’s your sophomoric novel. I’ll root for you the whole way!


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