New Release: V.4, Ch.95

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry about the delay for this chapter but I am very grateful to all the supportive comments I’ve received in light of the passing of my cat – it struck me harder than I had expected…

Anyway, life goes on, and here is Chapter 95: Young Lady Nightingale. Since it is very late it will be counted as a regular chapter. I would like to make it up to you by getting chapter 96 out a bit earlier but my exams are approaching with lightning speed so I’m afraid I can’t make any promises.

As you might have guessed, we are reaching the end of yet another volume and for those interested, I have some minor spoilers/reflections for what’s coming next:

Show/hide (or so I thought… My spoiler-code doesn’t seem to be working… I’ll figure it out in a while).

Also, over the summer I’ve been slowly working on preparing my story for self-publishing so, if all goes well, the first book should be available for order sometime this winter. The first book will be the combination of Volumes 1 & 2 for a better length consistency, but I’ll let you know more when I know more 😉

P.S. I’m lazy so I won’t be changing the volume numbers and such online any time soon…. D.S.

P.P.S. There have been wishes for a ‘Table of Content’ page for the Whisper of the Nightingale story and, since the sidebar is getting ridiculously long, I am considering putting one together. However, due to previously mentioned reasons it might take a while D.D.S.

One thought on “New Release: V.4, Ch.95

  1. Nakaki

    Please make the price not too expensive so that I can buy one QwQ I don’t wanna become broke because I couldn’t resist buying one and end up spending my entire allowance on it

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