Rest in peace, my darling Issildur… 

30 minutes ago, due to numerous unforeseen complications, my beloved Issildur had to be put down.

I have had many cats over years but none as cuddly and lovable as Issildur was. I’m having a hard time grasping that he won’t be nuzzling his way under the bed sheets to sleep next to me ever again, nor will he claim his undisputed spot in my lap whenever I sit down to watch TV… He will be dearly missed.

Rest, my dear Issildur – rest in peace.

wp-1470052448912.jpg❇ 1:4:2012 – 1:8:2016 ❇

Needless to say, I wouldn’t be too expectant on a chapter tonight…

22 thoughts on “Rest in peace, my darling Issildur… 

  1. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. And he was only 4, one of my cats is around that age and while he’s a bumbling, using his tail to knock things over and pretend he’s not involved, graceful as jabba the hutt type of cat, I would be devastated if I lost him.

    I have lost other pets before though, so I understand and wish you the best. Go and eat someplace nice to celebrate his time with you, or marathon a show he used to incessantly interrupt due to pressing on the remote when the good parts came on, or suddenly deciding your stomach was the perfect place to trim his nails. Overall, don’t be afraid to be sad and express it, because mourning a pet is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

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  2. pyrohawk21

    First, I’d just like to say I’ve only recently discovered Whisper of the Nightingale and so far loving it…

    Having said that, I can comprehend how devastating Issildur’s passing may be for you…

    My family has a history of having pets, and many of them have since passed on… (Though to be fair, they were mice and birds mostly… so to be expected)… but we’ve recently gotten a couple of dogs, and a fair few cats… And I already know I’d miss any of them if they died…


  3. I’m sorry for your loss. Sad to see them die, and much harder to digest the fact. We can only hope that it lived a good life, which I highly think it did, judging by how much you care about him/her. Rest in Peace.

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  4. Thisn'tme

    Everyone have lived, loved and lost, but everybody is individually unique in their connections to others. Remember him for what he was, and not for what he could not do in his single lifetime.

    Remembered this song just a bit ago. Take all the time you need.

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  5. tanvirzx

    oh damn I should not have come here. I can’t handle things like this too well. because of this I haven’t raised a pet after my first one died.


  6. Nakaki

    I’m so sorry … 😦 I can’t believe something so unfortunate happened to you and your poor cat. Guess that means that we should never underestimate any injuries or sickness, no matter how small of a problem it seems to be. I can’t express how sad I am at the loss of a pet of a dear friend. Please stay strong, Snowy 😥

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  7. Smile (•̀o•́)ง

    Erm i’m not good at comforting people but um good luck. As hard as it is now you will eventually bounce back and get back on your feet. Take this time to cherish your time with Issildur and engrave the memory to the deepest part of you and then get up and move on after you cry your lifetime of tears.

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  8. divineeditingskills

    I’m incredibly sorry to hear that 😦

    I was a complete wreck for a week after my sweet little puppy (well, technically he was quite old, but he’ll always be a puppy to me) passed, and two years later I’m getting all choked up just writing about it, so I hope take all the time you need. Putting pressure on yourself while your heart is somewhere else is an awful experience.

    Fortunately, in my experience, you soon begin to cherish the memories more than you grieve the loss. For some time I couldn’t even look at photos of my li’l buddy, but nowadays I often find myself going to them for comfort.

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  9. Maniac3020

    I had a cat that I rescued as a kitten, while I was just a kid in day care. She was glued to me all the time, then, one day, she went outside, and never came back. I still miss her.

    I know how devastating it can be to lose someone you love. Take your time, and grieve.


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