New Release: V.4, Ch.73

You know how, when people arrive late, they tend to go one of two ways with their excuses? There are the ordinary – fairly straightforward ones, like “I overslept, sorry. . . .” and the extraordinary ones, like “there was this accident on the freeway and I had to help deliver a giraffe baby with nothing but a spoon”. Every once in a while you might actually get the honest ones as well, like “I knew I was going to be late, but that muffin looked so good I couldn’t bare to not buy one and savor it slowly – consequences be damned”.

Well tonight, a huge domestic fight unraveled outside my living-room window (I live on the first floor) resulting in a lot of screaming and violent outbursts. For a moment I thought one of them was going to actually start fighting and I felt obliged to keep track of the situation, so I could call the police if it escalated. It didn’t, but it took forty minutes for the two of them to calm down enough for me to be able to continue writing….

So, a bit late, here is Chapter 73: A Tricky Situation – enjoy!
This chapter was sponsored partially by an anonymous sponsor and partially by some of my Patreon patrons: Krakatal, mjkj, M. Lo, B. Mottershead and hasenpelz. THANK YOU!!

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