New release: V.3, Ch.57

First off, my heart goes out to all the families around the world who have lost their loved ones to random acts of violence by terrorists and extremist who want nothing more than to suppress anyone with a different view of the world. Earlier today, Belgium got attacked, adding itself to an increasingly long list of cities around the worlds who have recently had residents slain in the name of “justice”.

I hope there will come a time when we can all be united in our differences, rather than force our views on others with violence.

Now then, for the happier stuff, Chapter 57: Darkness Descends is out – hurray! I dare you all to find more mistakes this time around than last time 😉

Yet again, some lovely sponsors have contributed to this chapters release. So, a big loving thank you to an anonymous sponsor and J. Morehu (and thank you for the comment – it made me happy to read ^.^)!!!

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