New Release: V.3 Ch.50

Would you look at that, just an hour late, I’m half way to one hundred chapters – huzzah! Here is Chapter 50: Confrontations – Enjoy!

This chapter’s wonderful sponsors are. . . T. Neely and hasenpelz!!!

On another note, I’ve been getting some comments that Raven’s friends’ reactions/reasoning might be a bit advanced for their age and I have to admit that they, at times at least, have a point. I think that I’ve justified this, so far, with the notion that while the soul of a spiritualist grows stronger, and their spirit connections they gain, allow them to perceive the world around them more clearly and subsequently helps them mature faster. However, this hasn’t really been made clear in a good way in the story…

So, there are few ways I could deal with this:

  1. I could find somewhere in the novel where it fits to add my previous reasoning, to make it official.
  2. I could make ‘age-shift’ in the story by extending the period Raven got with her family by perhaps two to three years and changing the age period one is supposed to attend Sky Academy to say ages 11-21, rather than 9-19.
  3. I could leave it as it is, and just keep it in mind going forward.

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