New release: V.3, Ch. 49

Here we go, Chapter 49: Recognition – enjoy!
The endlessly appreciated sponsor this time is . . . T. Neely!!! ❤

A little heads up – the chapter is a few (hundred) words shorter than usual but I promised a cliffhanger free chapter, and well. . . . I’ll compensate in the next chapter ^.^

5 thoughts on “New release: V.3, Ch. 49

    1. haweii

      First thank you for the new chapter! Since I can’t comment at the end of the chapter, I will do it here~

      I just discovered a side story (just scroll down, near the end of the page there is the link), there seems to be a certain connection *wink* (I don’t want to mislead you but this furthers my suspicions)

      Maybe SPOILERS to those who haven’t read the current chapter:

      My assumption is that javelin is the reincarnation of the former lover of raven (he at least really liked her and it seems, hinted at the last part that the relationship just started and it was quickly over – I assume it was when she died) just without the memories. This is why the both of them feel such a strong connection since the beginning – there was a bond from their past life.

      And assuming from the side story it would be that guy, the description about ravens attractiveness from that guy and the one in javelins dream are quite similar.

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