New Release: V.3, Ch. 51

Woop, woop – with Chapter 51: The Plot Thickens I’ve finally caught up with the chapter queue! A big thank you to all my sponsors, but an especially big thank you to B. Nichols for sponsoring this chapter!

In the previous chapter release, I started a poll concerning the age-range of the main characters and the results are in! A bare majority of you felt that it was good as it was (~54%) so I wont be doing any major changes right now. However, the margin was a slim one, so I will keep it in mind going forward ^.^ Thank you all for sharing your opinions with me and helping me improve my writing!

Finally, some of you may have noticed that I’ve made a Patreon account now – so, you prefer Patreon over Paypal check it out (note that it is possible to make monthly donations with Paypyal as well) ^.^

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