Seasons greetings!

As this website might hint, winter is my all time favorite season; everything I love happens during the winter – there is lots of snow (although so far not so much as I’d hoped for), darker days (I’m allergic to sunlight – no, I’m not a vampire…), plenty of street light decorations to light up the night, you get to drink lovely Julmust (a very Swedish tradition), the family gets together for Christmas and New Years (and then yet again for my birthday), and so on.

To celebrate this amazing season, I have put together a little Winter Interlude for you all. It is a separate side-story to the Whisper of the Nightingale and takes place in Raven’s old world. I hope you like it ^.^

I wish you all a wonderful winter season,
filled with friends, family and lots of tasty food!

For my readers on the southern hemisphere: brave out the summer heat and hopefully winter will reach you too, soon enough 😛

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