DD Release: Chapter 11

At last! After two work interviews and a lot of last minute Christmas fixing (we celebrate Christmas on the 24th in Sweden) here comes the year’s last release:  Chapter 11 – Suspicious Behavior – I hope it will be worth the wait ^.^’


I would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you for following me, Raven and Adan this year! Some of you read in silence while others write, discuss and guess what’s coming next (sometimes with scary accuracy) and I love you all for it! We are a bit more than half-way though Raven’s journey, volume-wise (spoiler!), and have just started Adan’s but I hope both will keep you coming back for more 😉 Next year the IRL version of the first two volumes will be released too, so that’s something to look forward too!


I wish all of you all a lovely winter holiday with lots of celebration, good cheer and shit-loads of fire works (be responsible though) and I look forward to having you back next year ^.^

Thank you for your patronage 2016!

4 thoughts on “DD Release: Chapter 11

  1. divineeditingskills

    Twuna jul rukk cujawo ga’flra’blk!

    I’m afraid I can’t claim to have deciphered the language of the Solmani, but I figured I’d take a shot at “A fine Yule to the highest of the benders!”

    I figure I’ll give it another shot in a year’s time 🙂

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    1. Hmm, almost ^.^ “Ob twuna Hyk rukk so ga’flra cujawba!” would be the litteral translation of the English phrase but I would go with “Ob twuna Hyk rukka’bljal os ga’flra ac cujawo!”, meaning meaning-wise 😉

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