DD Release: Ch. 10

Tada, a new chapter od Dimension’s Door – Cold Encounter – enjoy!


There have been some requests at increasing the pace of this story and/or shortening the chapters, but I don’t have enough time for the first option and the latter would likely make the story less structured – I usually write a couple thousand words and then go back and change stuff before finishing the chapter and publishing it… Perhaps if I have more time in the future, I could write ahead a bit and then splitt the unpublished chapters, but that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon…. sorry.

3 thoughts on “DD Release: Ch. 10

  1. really love this story, and i too would like more releases,

    but i would rather you work at your own pace and keep the sweet goodness of the story going!

    really, if people ask for more releases, just take it as the compliment that it is,

    and don’t mind it any further 😉

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  2. WinterRED

    First, thanks for the chapter!

    As for the request to shorten/speedup the releases, I completely understand where they’re coming from. That being said, I have noticed that after reading dozens of webnovels/TLs the ones I often dropped were the ones that tried to push them out quickly. Something about the suspense of waiting really keeps me engaged, and you do a masterful job at ending chapters that lead into the next.

    I wouldnt mind a release every two days, but shorter than that would be too much. Would rather wait and have a longer chapter! That being said, just go at your own pace and keep up the great work. =)

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